Investment from traditional markets: VNTRS x BonusBlock

Investment from traditional markets: VNTRS x BonusBlock

BonusBlock is pleased to announce its investment and backing from VNTRS, a leading venture studio in Scandinavia, which is their first investment into the Web3 space.

This strategic partnership will bolster BonusBlock's growth, providing long-term support from VNTRS's development resources to reinforce its strong growth and traction. Additionally, BonusBlock's expansion into traditional markets will be supported by VNTRS's experienced and well-connected corporate network. Users of the on-chain marketplace will gain access to a variety of traditional corporate products and services that are making their way into the Web3 world.

“We are very impressed by the impact and traction of Bonusblock and their significant achievements in the first onboarded projects. For VNTRS this is the first investment in web3 and marks a new milestone”. explained Kristaps Prusis, CEO and Partner at VNTRS.

“This represents a significant opportunity that has emerged as traditional venture funds begin to support the Web3 technology industry. The next step involves having the resources for project growth while ensuring a smooth transition into traditional business service growth,” said Oskars Jepsis, Founder of BonusBlock.

About VNTRS:

VNTRS (Ventures) is a Nordic-Baltic venture studio investing in tech startup companies. With our experienced team, we help tech companies in the early stages build and grow their products and their businesses. VNTRS has invested in over 40 tech startups in the region. Our offices are in Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn.


About BonusBlock:

BonusBlock offers projects the opportunity to directly acquire on-chain users through its marketplace and custom on-chain white-label services. By bridging high-quality users and employing AI Model Scoring for proof-of-quality, it opens up new opportunities for users to earn fees and connect with projects. This platform also allows users to gain visibility and sets a new standard in the Web3 space

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