BONUS contract update on Bybit and

Dear BonusBlock Community,

We're happy to announce that the token migration is done!BONUS smart contract will be updated during the next few days on centralized exchanges: Bybit and

Further details about this change are shown below:

  • Token migration to a new contract happened due to Hedgey Finance exploit. You can learn more about it in our previous announcement:

  • Token has been migrated from Arbitrum chain to Base chain due to the strategic purposes that will be presented in the upcoming announcements.

  • The new contract address for token is 0xFe7c0AF60e52dDf05C0F5F89CBf89758a45F6928 on Base. Explorer:

  • The first batch of the new token contract was already airdropped on 7th May,  2024 to the users prior to the exploit on Hedgey Finance outside of the CEXs. The second airdrop will happen during 8th-9th of May, 2024.

  • Bybit and will be distributing the tokens 1:1 to the users who are currently holding BONUS, no action should be taken from traders on both platforms to successfully receive tokens!

  • Bybit and will make a separate announcement after the token swap is complete and trading pair “BONUS/USDT” is updated with the new contract. Both platforms will notify users when deposits and withdrawals of BONUS will open.

  • On-chain Marketplace smart contracts are already updated to Base and users can stake and lock-up the new contract. There are 2 more projects added and 3 more are upcoming to earn fees and participate in the XP farming and airdrop session!

  • New vesting portal is already live and will be shared to the Public Sale participants and Investors.

  • Due to the incident that is out of our hands due to a 3rd Party provider for vesting schedules, we are preparing something special for all who will be staking the minimum $75 worth of BONUS on the on-chain marketplace: legitimate period starts from May 8th till June 12th, 2024

Please be assured that your assets are safe!

BonusBlock Team


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