Announcing the first buy-back on BONUS

Announcing the first buy-back on BONUS

BonusBlock is the place where users are getting recognised for projects, giving them a chance to prove their quality while earning fees and receiving BONUS!Why, particularly, are industry leaders using us?

BonusBlock is focusing on resolving the largest friction that hasn’t been resolved since Web3 ethos: how users can prove their quality and get access to projects.

At bblock Labs, the goal is to create the first Web3 on-chain user engine. Connecting users and projects on-chain!

According to our published white-paper
BonusBlock generates revenue every month from the onboarded projects that are using the white-label solution and on-chain marketplace. On average, BonusBlock team onboards about 7-11 projects per month, with growth of 15-21 in the upcoming months.

25% of the generated revenue is being dedicated to buying back BONUS from the market.

April, 2024 results: $84k, of which 25% is $21’000 direct to buy-back.

A whopping 37593,98 BONUS have been bought back at the average price of $0.5586.

The bought-back BONUS will be locked up on a 5-year cliff and then distributed back into the Community Access Pool. The wallet will be presented and added to the on-chain marketplace for transparency.

What is Community Access Pool?

Community Access Pool is a 5 year period vested token distribution mechanism that gives users a chance to obtain a discounted rate BONUS. The price and allocation size is determined by the on-chain activities and farmed XP through the projects and on-chain marketplace of the user.

These buy-backs will sustain the organic token redistribution mechanism after the 5 year term ends. Community Access Pool also regulates itself to be unlocked and accessed depending on user-demand. If there is less demand, the Community Access Pool will shift for another month.

The conversion of Community XP to $BONUS tokens for participation in the Community Access Pool is governed by a specific arithmetic formula, ensuring a fair and transparent distribution mechanism.
Reference in the whitepaper:

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