BonusBlock Ambassador Program is live!

We are happy to introduce BonusBlock Ambassador Program!

The program was created to recognize and reward our supporters and creators for their contributions to BonusBlock. We want to ensure fair system in order to make this program both community oriented and sufficient.

Please note that this is the first iteration of the ambassador program. Ambassador Program may be altered In the future in response to community feedback and other factors.

Let’s dive into the program details!

How can I start my journey NOW?

Join our Discord channel, verify your account, and begin contributing in any way you can!

To advance in the ambassador program, you must first gain XP in Discord. Get LVL 5, apply in the form, and start your journey!

The most rewarding part of the XP will be social media posts and media creation, as well comments. Platforms like X (ex-Twitter) mostly, as well activity on Telegram group chat. Onboard more with referrals, and gain more XP!

You can chat for XP, create memes or art, or create various types of content. You can also participate in games, events, and engagement events (like the CMC/X engagement event).

How can I get ambassador roles? The program currently includes three roles. If we demand more roles, extra roles will be added. They are:

  1. “Just a block”

  2. “BONUS enjoyer”

  3. “Blocktopian master”

"Just a block" - your journey has just begun; are you prepared to reach your full potential? Simply get Level 5 in the Discord and apply through the form:\

"BONUS enjoyer" - middle role; you begin to receive decent rewards at this level and can begin your way to the top rank. Get Level 11 in the Discord, and you will get your role automatically. You do not need to apply for that role, but be aware that the team will make monthly check-ups and will clear inactive members.

“Blocktopian master” - the highest role at this moment. The best rewards go to the best ambassadors. You need to stay in the “Bonuses Enjoyer” role for 1 month and continue contributing in order to get Level 15. Afterwards, apply through the form and wait for the results; we will only choose the best ones.

How can I contribute?

There are several ways to contribute to the BonusBlock. Just keep in mind that anything that improves BonusBlock or helps spread the word about it is considered a contribution.

Contribution performance is linked to Discord XP. Your submissions are reviewed and assigned a certain amount of XP. Harder tasks equal more XP; higher quality equals more XP; a simple and fair formula.

You can produce any type of content on any platform. However, the most popular platforms are undeniably superior, and you will gain more experience by creating content on them.

Take part in community events, games, contests, and engagement opportunities. Create and manage your own events or games. All of these will help you get Discord XP, which is needed for Discord Lvls, and rank up.

Is there any way I can benefit from being an ambassador?

Anyone interested in becoming a BonusBlock ambassador should keep in mind that their primary goal should be to support the project and ecosystem; only then will they be rewarded.

Our goal is to support and reward our ambassadors! It should be a fair exchange between creators and developers; we will do our best to achieve this, and you should, too.

Potential rewards include various forms of additional recognition, numerous benefits throughout the current and future BonusBlock ecosystem, benefits in partner projects, and even $BONUS rewards for the best ones.

Possible rewards breakdown

“Just a block”

  • Cool role

  • Opportunity to take part in special events

“BONUS enjoyer”

  • Can be reposted by the main twitter account

  • Possibility to get 1x 100% fees in the marketplace

  • Possibiliity to get 1x spotlight in the marketplace for free

  • Opportunity to take part in the content-contests

  • Opportunity to receive monthly airdrop

  • Marketplace benefits: XP multiplicator in the marketplace Upgraded referral % for the marketplace Discounted tokens using XP

“Blocktopian Master”

  • Will share a part of $BONUS pool based on the contribution

  • Maximum recognition and close contact to the team

  • Opportunity to receive monthly airdrop

  • Marketplace benefits: XP multiplicator in the marketplace Upgraded referral % for the marketplace Discounted tokens using XP Up to 2x 100% fees in the marketplace 1x spotlight in the marketplace for free

Do you want to become a Blocktopian in the Office? Join our program today:

Don’t forget to check out the recent on-chain tasks to generate fees! Visit and join the On-Chain Marketplace, explore other ecosystems and farm XP!

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