Intro Bubbleswap

Bubbleswap is a concentrated liquidity protocol (CLMM) that LPs can choose their liquidity within a price range, rather than equally across the entire price curve of the pool, and also to optimize profits by choosing Multiple fee tiers.
And offers liquidity faming and trading rewards, greatly increasing LPs' profits and get better depth and lower impermanent loss for traders.

  1. Concentrated liquidity
    Bubbleswap inherits the existing design of concentrated liquidity. Instead of forcing LPs to provide liquidity on the (0, infinity) price range, allows LPs to concentrate their capital into the price ranges they selected. Using a narrow price range, LPs can amplify their liquidity with the same amount of capital.

  2. Multiple fee tiers
    The V2 version DEX mostly set fixed trading fee, such as 0.30% fee by UniswapV2 and the 0.25% fee by Pancake, which is a reasonable choice, but that’s not the best choice.

    Now DEX is becoming more complex, we are starting to see user preferences for multiple fee tiers, for example for stablecoin trading can choose fees as low as 0.01%, while for most token pairs can choose 0.20% fee, and for exotic pairs with low volume is better choose 0.5% fee level.

  3. Higher APY & Real yield
    Bubbleswap provides liquidity farming and Token rewards to bring short-term TVL & user’s growth, but it will result in too speculative funds to sustainably settle on the project for long-term ecological construction and enhancement, so we also share protocol profit to incentivize $BUBBLE holders and LPs, also called Real Yield.

    In addition, we also return the Gas Fee expenses incurred during the user's transactions through trading rewards.

    As a result, users can get four revenue, that transaction fees, liquidity farming revenue, BUBBLE stake revenue, and trading rewards, which greatly enhances the user experience and revenue, reduces the cost of user.

  4. Safety

    DeFi’s world attacks are very frequent, the assets attacked in a year up to more than a billion dollars, the protocol security is undoubtedly a protocol top priority task, in order to protocol user funds security.

    protocol’s code will be all open source

    and also has been audit by Certik

    and the core address will for multi-sign management.

  5. Multi-Chain
    Now we can see that most of the chains, there is still don’t have concentrated liquidity DEX, so in the future, we will quickly deploy to most of EVM compatible chains, like BNB, Avalanche, Shardeum to expand the multi-chain market, and the team has started to re-write the code in Move, and will also expand to new L1 chains like Aptos, Sui, etc.

  6. Core objective
    The meta objective of Bubbleswap is to make liquidity provision more flexible and configurable, hence unlocking more opportunities to profit in CLMM. We do it by offering more input parameters (e.g. fee tiers) and offering more functions that you would expect in traditional order books (e.g. limit orders).

    We deliberately make Bubbleswap a neutral platform for LPs, instead of a passive investment vehicle that opinionatedly decides parameters for you. We believe the key to bring efficiency is to empower the smart DeFi players with better tools.

  7. When tokens

    The initial supply of the $BUBBLE governance token will be overwhelmingly fairly-launched as part of the Rewards phase rollout. Remember, the only way to obtain the token will be through early participation in the protocol during its Core phase. 🚨 Beware of scammers and remember that no one from the team would ever contact you privately, least of all to talk about free tokens!

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