About $BUBBLE Tokenomics
Bubbleswap | Launch Soon
November 10th, 2022

Fans of Bubbleswap community, highly proud to announce $BUBBLE at the first concentrated liquidity swap on Ethereum & Aptos.


The total supply of BUBBLE is fixed at 1,000,000,000 tokens, Aptos and Ethereum tokens are 500,000,000 each.


Token Values

  • Governance by $BUBBLE vote

  • Exchange tokens on Bubbleswap to earn $BUBBLE

  • Stake LP to earn $BUBBLE

  • Stake $BUBBLE to earn ETH&APT

  • Stake $BUBBLE to earn other tokens

  • Buy some new tokens at Bubbleswap launchpad by using $BUBBLE

One More Thing…

Pleased to introduce our IDO&ITO program.

1. IDO on Aptos Sale Details

Sale date/time: November 14th, 7pm UTC - November 17th, 7pm UTC

Hard Cap: 50000 APT

Price: 400 BUBBLE/APT

Participation quota: 20APT-200APT

Tokens to be sold: 20,000,000 BUBBLE (2% of total BUBBLE supply)

Platform: Bubbleswap launchpad

How to participate IDO:

Before IDO

  • Buy APT, be sure to have it ready in Petra/Martian wallet.

  • Open IDO link in your browaer

  • Wait for the IDO to start.

During IDO

  • Wait for the sale to go live, press the “BUY” button and input the amount of APT.

  • Confirm the amount of APT u want to invest.

  • Min amount is 20APT, max amount is 200 APT

2. ITO on Ethereum Sale Details

Sale date/time: November 17th, 7pm UTC - November 20th, 7pm UTC

Amount: 200 ETH

Price: 100,000 BUBBLE/ETH

Participation quota: 0-2 ETH

Tokens to be sold: 20,000,000 BUBBLE (2% of total BUBBLE supply)

Platform: Twitter × Mask

How to participate ITO:

Before ITO

  • Buy ETH, be sure to have it ready in Metamask wallet.

  • Install mask plugin on Chrome/Edge/Opera/Firefox.

  • Connect your metamask wallet.

  • Open twitter and wait our ITO tweet.

During ITO

  • Wait the ITO tweet is live, click “Enter” to participate.

  • Click “I understand” and “Continue”

  • Enter amount of $BUBBLE u want to swap (maximum of 200,000 BUBBLE for per address)

  • Click “Unlock” and confirm your transaction.

  • After the transaction is confirmed, u will see the success page!

    Total Raise: 50000APT+200ETH

    Unsold tokens: Burn

    Liquidity Percent: 70%

    List price: 0.015-0.02 USD

    List on: Bubbleswap, Bitmart, Bibox

About Contributor/OG/Booster roles, will get some rewards soon!

That’s all, and fuck CEX, fuck FTT & FTX & SBF!

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