Intro Ambassador Program
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November 10th, 2022

Intro Ambassador Program

Ambassador program open now! Since opening the discord server, we have a enormous growth within our community, and giveaway 96 OG roles. It's just get started, need your support for us!

That's why we build ambassador program on @crew3xyz

those who register on CREW3 will be able get some rewards for there contribution for us. And then, we will talk about how your roles will shape prizes and #airdrop!

All roles:

Contributor(5/15): This is the highest role, for those who relentless advocates.

Booster(0/30):The first 30 people who boost the server will receive a booster role.

OG(109/300): This is the second highest role, for those who passionate supporters of us.

Member: This role for who are experienced Bubbles. The higher the role, the more rewards you will get.

Xp requirement

Contributor: 3000xp

OG: 1500xp

To earn one of our roles, u need to accumulate a certain amount of experience XP

It will be a long task. So now, let's fucking start!

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