Butter'd Aave Delegate Initiatives

Over the past four weeks, the Butter team has been working on setting up a three-month Delegation Campaign at Aave.

👔 We're delighted that 13 delegates are standing for candidacy – and we'd like to introduce them!

Some of these delegates are already well-known, while others are up-and-coming. Some are already deeply involved in Aave, while others have spent time as delegates or contributors in other protocols.

The goal of this pilot was to increase the pool of delegates tokenholders can select from because we believe that governance is most effective when it is inclusive and representative of its stakeholders.

To that end, we're excited that governance incentives (with a helping hand from Aave Grants DAO) have helped attract a diverse set of delegates ready to support tokenholders and contribute new ideas to Aave’s continued success.

You can find the list of delegates (in reverse alphabetical order) here:

Electing a delegate

🗳 The election starts next week—running from April 3 to April 9, 2023.

You can learn more about your favorite candidate's plans during the 90 days of the campaign below:

📣 All published Delegate Initiatives are available at this link:

For more details, please refer to our Aave Governance forum post:

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