🧈 x 👻 Butter'd Aave: TokenLogic wins. Time to Delegate

Phase 2: Delegation Window

April 10, 2023, 12 PM EDT - April 17, 2023, 12 PM EDT. Add the Calendar here


TokenLogic wins. Time to Delegate

The tokens have spoken. TokenLogic will be your delegate for the next 90 days.

We’ll be providing an analysis of voter behavior during the election, later this week.

How to Delegate

To qualify as a participant in the Butter’d Aave Delegate Campaign, you’ll need to delegate your AAVE or stkAAVE to the winning delegate during the delegation window.

We have two options for you: Manual Delegation and Automatic Delegation. Note: Each option either yields a different participation badge (see below):

  1. Manually delegate to the winning candidate using one of the following options (sorted alphabetically):

    1. Aave Governance

    2. Boardroom

    3. Tally

  2. Deposit tokens into Butter’s Vaults (details here).

    1. Upon deposit, depositors will be issued with Vault shares which can be used to retrieve AAVE from the vault at any time

    2. The vault policies restrict the vault owners, i.e. Butter, to make use of any tokens deposited to the vault (which you can verify here and here)

    3. The vault will automatically delegate all voting power deposited to the winning delegate.

Delegation Window

Delegation Window: April 10, 2023, 12 PM EDT - April 17, 2023, 12 PM EDT. Subscribe to the Google Calendar.

Manual Delegation

Delegate Address: 0x2cc1ADE245020FC5AAE66Ad443e1F66e01c54Df1

Vault Delegation

AAVE Vault: https://app.enzyme.finance/vault/0x9d4c5e00c47de8f789a2ba971c37279c5188a891

stkAAVE Vault: https://app.enzyme.finance/vault/0x066b5139c1335d159f823f2bbc0d55fc270ccfcb

Participation Badges

We’re still in development but we want to recognize the time and effort contributed by everyone that participated in our very first pilot with Aave.

With that in mind, We’ll be providing a range of Otterspace badges for Butter participants. More info on badges here:

Once the campaign is complete, participants will be able to claim a badge for any address that:

  1. Participated in the election by voting in the snapshot

  2. Delegated to the winning address during the delegation window

  3. Remained delegated until the end of the campaign

Vault Delegation NFTs

For anyone that decides to use Vault Delegation, you’re helping us to test a key assumption in our research and demonstrating that you’re confident enough in Butter to let us manage your delegation.

In the future, Vault Delegation will form the core experience for people using Butter so we’re excited to see how many of you decide to use it. As a token of our appreciation, every Vault Delegation participant will be eligible to claim a badge and will also receive a Butter NFT.

As usual, Butter will report on delegate and tokenholder voting behavior during the delegation period so the process is transparent and easily auditable by all tokenholders.

A Final Reminder

Delegations using either method must be maintained for the duration of the three-month campaign (April 17, 2023 - July 17, 2023) to be eligible for either badges or NFTs.

[EDIT 2023-07-11: updated TokenLogic delegation address]

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