Introducing Inevitable Belts, our On-Chain Gamified Learning System
October 12th, 2022

At Inevitable, our mission is to bring professionals and companies into Web 3.0 using education and technology. And gamification is a powerful tool to engage users on education initiatives.

For months, we've been thinking about how we could combine education, gamification, and NFTs to provide a great experience for those entering the world of Web 3.0.

We considered several systems, some even too complex, until we looked for an answer in a martial art practiced by our 2 co-founders: Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ). This is how a BJJ training looks like:

In jiujitsu, all practitioners wear a belt. And this sends a very clear message to everyone present.

  • A White Belt is someone who hasn't trained for so long and still has a lot to learn.

  • A Purple Belt is someone who has a good few years of training and who probably already knows several techniques, but still has a long way to go.

  • A Black Belt is someone who has been doing it for a long time and who knows hundreds of different techniques.

So, you start as a White Belt and, if you keep training for decades, and decades, and decades, you may end up as a Red Belt. We love this system. That was why we decided to build our gamified learning system inspired by BJJ belts system.

Inevitable Belts

We are building dozens and dozens of Web 3.0 educational programs. They cover marketing, BD, growth, strategy, and more. They are also focused on different industries and for different career-levels.

All of our programs have Inevitable Points directly tied to the certificates that will be issued by those who complete them. All our certificates are non-transferable NFTs that our learners can mint at the end of the program, 100% free, without any crypto in their wallet.

Every time you finish a program and mint your certificate as a non-transferable NFT, you will receive Inevitable Points. And these points will unlock Belts on your learning journey. All the programs can unlock between 667 and almost 3,000 points.

Why are we building this?

A lot of reasons.

1) Goal-Setting: Learning can be hard if we don’t have a very clear goal in mind. A belt can become this kind of goal for a lot of learners.

2) Community I: Our big vision for Inevitable is to build a global and powerful community of Web 3.0 experts and builders. This way, these same experts and builders will be able to build products and services that will help bring billions of users into Web 3.0, building more value to society. With Belts, we can build a community of certified professionals and know on which level on their Web 3.0 journey they are more easily.

3) Community II: Inevitable is approached by companies worldwide that want to learn and build on Web 3.0, but they are not sure how. Our vision is to help form thousands of professionals that will eventually become Inevitable Black Belts and partner with us on all these ventures.

4) Signal vs Noise: Today, millions of content about Web 3.0 are spread across the internet. We created a user recognition system so that other users and companies can know what level of learning you are at, reliably, quickly and on-chain.

5) New Business Opportunities: With a strong network of professionals, we can create even more business opportunities and bring these professionals to these opportunities.

Which are the belts and how do I unlock them?

The only way to unlock the Inevitable Belts is by minting the certificates from our programs. If a user finished a program but never minted their certificate, they will not receive Inevitable Points, since these points are directly tied to the smart contract built for each certificate. That’s why we are calling this an “On-Chain Gamified Learning System”, because the Belts (NFTs) are on the blockchain and will be sent to your wallet, but also because the process of calculating how many points you have is based on your On-Chain data, that is, all your certificates will sum up a number of points and these points will unlock the belts.

Inspired by brazilian jiujitsu, we created 5 Inevitable Belts, represented by 5 non-transferable NFTs that are automatically airdropped to you when you achieve a certain number of points. We also send you a comemorative email when you receive a new belt.

Inevitable White Belt

Inevitable Points needed to unlock: 250
Hours spent in our programs: ~1hr

Inevitable Blue Belt

Inevitable Points needed to unlock: 1,600
Hours spent in our programs: ~5hrs

Inevitable Purple Belt

Inevitable Points needed to unlock: 3,200
Hours spent in our programs: ~10hrs

Inevitable Brown Belt

Inevitable Points needed to unlock: 6,400
Hours spent in our programs: ~20hrs

Inevitable Black Belt

Inevitable Points needed to unlock: 10,000
Hours spent in our programs: ~30hrs

We may create Belts after the Black Belt, just like in brazilian jiujitsu. After all, becoming a Black Belt is just the beginning of the journey. But these are future plans. Also, these points may or may not change in the future as the ecosystem consolidates.


Is there a minimum period to earn each belt?

Currently, no. You just need to go through the program, accomplish the assessments and mint your certificate.

Can users trade their Belts?

No, this is not possible. Inevitable Belts are represented by non-transferable NFTs and they represent that person's journey. It would make no sense to allow them to be bought or sold.

Can I certify my company/agency/consulting business with the Belts?

Yes! We have special conditions for companies that want to certify themselves and their employees with Inevitable Belts.

What will Belts unlock?

We are building an entire ecosystem for certified professionals. Exclusive events, exclusive talks with world-class builders, b2b deals, and so on. We will keep building and improving this ecosystem. Also, we will partner up with Inevitable Black Belts to build more awesome Web 3.0 products.

Do I pay anything to mint the Belts’ NFTs?

No, that's 100% on us. You will receive an automatic airdrop of the Belt's NFT to your wallet once you reach the required minimum points. No minting process or gas fees involved. We take care of that :)

How do I know how many points I have and how many points are left for the next belt?

We are working on a platform where you can connect your wallet and check your points number. Stay tuned :)

Are the points cumulative or will I lose them when I get graduated with a new belt?

Inevitable Points are cumulative and you don't lose them when you get graduated with a new belt.

If you’re ready to start your journey to become an Inevitable Black Belt, explore our programs here:

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