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Introducing Inevitable Universe, our Learn-and-Earn ecosystem
May 23rd, 2022

What is Inevitable?

Inevitable is a Web 3.0 native education company that brings professionals and organizations to Web 3.0 through On-Chain Credentials, Original Frameworks, and Learn-to-Earn.

Our mission is to help brands and builders to use Web 3.0, Tokens and Metaverse as tools on their journey of solving problems and adding value to the world. We do this through education and technology.

In just 3 months, we reached 10,000 students from 120+ countries and leading companies.

What is Inevitable Universe?

Inevitable Universe is our Learn-to-Earn ecosystem, where users and organizations earn special NFTs when they engage with Inevitable's product and learning ecosystem.

Our Learn-to-Earn ecosystem involves engaging users in our newsletter and other content, for example. When they engage, they receive NFTs as Rewards.

Our On-Chain Credentials involve users earning certificates as NFTs by participating in our courses, gaining access to the community, as well as corporate workshops and masterclasses.

This is a collection that celebrates builders and the people and companies that are helping to build this new world.

The NFTs here are sent to users who engage in the Inevitable ecosystem, within our different channels and products.

These items are not for flipping. They are gifts. Stories. Representations. Symbols to represent all those who are building this new world.

From Impossible to Improbable to Inevitable.

What types of NFTs will we have in this collection?

We will have 4 NFT hierarchies in the Inevitable Universe:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Golden
  • Ether

They will vary in hierarchy and supply depending on how difficult they are to obtain.

Some will be much easier, just requiring you to fill out a form on our website. Others will be special for our enterprise customers or for users with a high level of engagement over time.

We create, for example, our 6 values ā€‹ā€‹(you can see all of them here) as NFTs and send them to the 6 partners and investors of Inevitable. One of our values, for example, is a quote by Anthony Pompliano:

"The fastest way to be successful is to simply make everyone around you successful." - Anthony Pompliano

We have an special NFT for this value, forever on the blockchain.

We also have special NFTs for our corporate customers. A consultancy that hired a workshop from Inevitable, for example, were airdropped The Green Lighthouse, a special art with the colors and concepts of the brand, with an emblematic description.

The Green Lighthouse
The Green Lighthouse

You can see this one in OpenSea by clicking here.

We also have special NFTs for users who engage in our ecosystem, such as The Creation.

The Creation
The Creation

What's the big idea and future of the Inevitable Universe?

We want Inevitable Universe to become our great engagement ecosystem for brands and professionals who want to enter the world of Web 3.0 in the best way possible.

We are an education and technology company and Inevitable Universe is one of the ways we build engaged communities and educate new users.

For the future, the idea is to add more utility to rewards.

For now, they should be seen as gifts and symbols. If you expect to sell them for thousands of dollars in a few months, this collection is not for you.

Will you release a $INEVITABLE token?

This is a possibility that we will explore. We have a lot of respect and caution about tokenomics and we know that this kind of dynamic requires creating a healthy and safe ecosystem for everyone. Therefore, we are in no rush to create an Inevitable token, although that is in our plans for the future.

What if I already had NFTs from the old Inevitable Rewards?

We have already started the migration process and users who had NFTs from Inevitable Rewards will receive NFTs from the new collection.

How can I claim Inevitable Universe NFTs?

We will have different ways of airdrops. Some will be exclusive to participants of our courses. Others will be free for anyone. The first step is to sign up for our newsletter to find out how to participate in all airdrops. Click here.

To take the first public steps of the Inevitable Universe, we have a live airdrop from The Creation, with a Golden tier and a supply of 100. Click here to find out how to claim yours!

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P.S: If you've read this far, know that this article is an NFT :)

We wanted this big announcement to be part of our ecosystem as well. If you want to collect any of the editions of this article, there are 3 types:

  • Legendary: 5 editions, at least 1 ETH;
  • Rare: 50 editions, at least 0.1 ETH;
  • Common: 500 editions, at least 0.01 ETH.

From impossible to improbable to InĪžvitable.

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