XYZ Genesis

XYZ is a DAO exploring new models for creating and distributing music on the internet.

It is a web3 home for music and related web3 experiments.

Any proceeds I make from NFT music sales I’ll place in the custody of the DAO so that learnings and earnings can be shared.



More than anything else, tokenized networks are a framework for enabling coordination and capturing the value that emerges from it.

The creation, presentation and distribution of music is a delicate coordination effort that has become even more difficult at the hands of today’s centralized music industry. The consolidation of radio, web blogs, physical record stores, and indie labels into streaming has placed unfair pressure on the singular artist to produce without fair compensation.

The vision of XYZ is to lay the groundwork for a decentralized label ecosystem with artists, musicians and strategists working together to sow the seeds of a new industry.

Our mission / who we’re looking for

The main goal of XYZ is to continuously and sustainably release original, high-quality music onto web3 and web2 channels, building expertise in music distribution in the crypto era. We are looking for artists who believe in our vision that cryptomedia will change music and who are looking for a way to be part of it. We are also looking for established distribution experts, curators and tastemakers.


The mirror crowdfund establishes the initial DAO cohort. Initially, all supporters will be given a token share based on their commitment to the crowdfund. In the future, participants will earn $WAV for participating in the production and sale of music NFT releases. Each release is an event that brings more token holders into the DAO.

Discord now live

2 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.

Upcoming releases

Release #1 will be my own 3-track EP of electronic material I have written over this year. Once artwork is finalized, I’ll auction each track as a 1/1 on Catalog and place 100% of the proceeds into XYZ.

Release #2 and beyond will be planned and executed by the DAO. We’re actively seeking artists and concepts!