Major Code4rena upgrade eliminates work for audit contest sponsors

We're excited to share a huge improvement we've made to Code4rena based on input from builders: New audits booked with Code4rena will include deduplication of all incoming bugs from your project’s audit contest so your team doesn’t have to stop building.

Run an audit contest and you’ll get back fully triaged issues one week from contest end date.

The enormous increase of participation in Code4rena contests has been overwhelming. That’s a great problem to have! Buuuut still a problem.

The pace of Code4rena warden growth has accelerated, with audit contests now averaging over 80 wardens competing to secure project code. That's 6 months’ worth of high performance code review in a one-week contest!

Code4rena audits now averaging 80 auditors per contest
Code4rena audits now averaging 80 auditors per contest

The thoroughness of C4's coverage is simply unmatched in the industry, but projects trying to ship don't have time to triage the GitHub issue equivalent of every book in the Dune series.

So we've completely eliminated the responsibility of projects to dedupe and review all incoming bugs.

Now you can start a contest within 48 hours and review the key findings over a cup of coffee a week after your contest ends.

Just our way of making the bear market more delightful for builders.

Code4rena has audited projects including ENS, OpenSea, Sushi, PoolTogether, Connext, BadgerDAO, NFTX, and Slingshot. When you’re ready for an audit, drop us a line in Telegram or Discord. We can spin up a contest as soon as 48 hours.

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