A look at Code4rena audits: Versus

Code4rena is famous for running public audit competitions that incentivize the largest amount of auditors to compete in finding the rarest bugs. Sometimes though, projects are looking to run a small and focused audit with just a few wardens to fit within budget constraints that might otherwise rule out a competitive audit. The solution: Versus competitions.

So how do Versus audits work?

With the introduction of Versus competitions, we’re giving Sponsors the opportunity to work with top Wardens from the Code4rena community in a format that best suits their needs.

When a Versus competition is announced, the highest-ranking wardens who RSVP within a 48-hour window will be able to participate in the audit.

If the Sponsor has already run an open C4 audit, then a portion of the RSVPs will be offered to top-performing Wardens from that previous competition. The remaining RSVPs (if any) will be offered to the highest-ranking Wardens on the global leaderboard.

If the Sponsor hasn’t already partnered with C4, then RSVP spots are offered to the highest-ranking Wardens on the global leaderboard.

The number of Wardens involved in Versus competition changes depending on the audit scope but ranges between 3 - 8.

But isn’t the whole point of Code4rena to get as many eyes on the code as possible?

Absolutely! But we’re also aware that some projects have tight budgets—especially in a bear market. A Versus Competition allows for the rigorous review of a Code4rena audit with a smaller set of participants.

We’re really excited about this new introduction from both a Sponsor and Warden perspective: Sponsors now have increasing customization options to create an audit competition perfect for their project, and Wardens now have more incentive to perform at the top of their game in the hopes that they will be offered additional opportunities.

Get started

Code4rena has audited projects including OpenSea, ENS, Sushi, PoolTogether, Connext, BadgerDAO, NFTX, and Slingshot.

When you’re ready for a competitive audit of your project— of any category —drop us a line. We can spin up an audit within 48 hours.

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