A look at Code4rena audits: Open

Traditional audits take too much time and are limited in terms of talent and depth. Bug bounties don’t keep bugs out of production. That’s where Code4rena comes in: a high-performance competitive audit platform that rewards keeping rare, high-risk bugs out of production. Don’t just take our word for it either: OpenSea, ENS, Sushi, and PoolTogether are just a few of the projects that have run audits with C4.

So, how do Code4rena audit competitions work?

Code4rena audit competitions are inherently simple: a Sponsor puts up a reward pool, Code4rena’s team hosts the audit competition and the project’s code for review, and anyone can hunt for bugs in the code as part of the open audit. This simplicity is complemented by a huge and passionate community of auditors and C4’s full-time team, both of whom contribute to making the end-to-end audit experience frictionless.

Why are C4 competitive audits the best choice?

  • Highly talented auditors are incentivized to compete because a) finding rare, high-severity vulnerabilities is rewarded, but also b) the mechanism compensates auditors regardless of who found a bug first.

  • The C4 ecosystem is designed to level up auditors, making the good great, and the best even better. The gamification of the platform appeals to an inherent space within the human mind that pushes Wardens to continue to better their skills, consequently improving the quality of their findings as time goes on.

  • Sybil resistance is built in, by shrinking the reward for a vulnerability being found each time it’s submitted.

  • As an example: what a traditional audit could achieve in 24 weeks, Code4rena competitive audits can achieve in just 7 days, thanks to having access to a community of skilled auditors.

  • Code4rena competitive audits combine the best of both worlds: speed and depth.

Get started

Code4rena has audited projects including OpenSea, ENS, Sushi, PoolTogether, Connext, BadgerDAO, NFTX, and Slingshot.

When you’re ready for a competitive audit of your project— of any category —drop us a line. We can spin up an audit within 48 hours.

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