Asian Trails | Validator Status: LIVE

Presenting: Asian Trails Validator status: LIVE ✅

Introducing Asian Trails as a Trusted Validator of Camino Network 🎉 Asian Trails is a destination management company in Asia with operations across 10 countries in East and South East Asia.

🔹 Leading in Asia’s travel industry, headquartered in Bangkok with own offices in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, China, and Hong Kong.

🔹 Offering a diverse portfolio of tailor-made services and packaged tours, from cultural tours to sustainable trails, they create immersive and unique travel experiences.

🔹 Recognized globally for service excellence and innovative travel technology solutions, they bring digital innovations to travel services. As a validator, Asian Trails will bring its extensive expertise and innovative approach to travel to the network.

Join us in welcoming Asian Trails to the Camino Network family! Together, we are paving new paths in travel tech across Asia and beyond. 🌐✈️

💡 If you're a travel / travel-tech / or tech-related business seeking to join a community of innovators, visit our website to learn how to join our web3 travel ecosystem

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