Alpitour | Camino Validator: Live

Presenting: Alpitour World

Validator status: LIVE ✅

🇮🇹 Siamo felici to announce Italy's leading travel group, Alpitour World, as a new validator. Their vast expertise (since 1947) is set to bring transformative insights to the network.

✔️ Offering diverse travel experiences, from leisure to business, Alpitour World focuses on quality and customer satisfaction.

✔️ Their portfolio spans tour operating, airline services, hotel management, and travel agency networks, ensuring a complete travel experience.

✔️ Committed to sustainable tourism, they align with the vision for a more ethical, interconnected travel industry.

As a validator, Alpitour World will secure and advance the network with its industry knowledge and innovation.

Let's welcome Alpitour to the Camino Network family! 👏

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