Bewotec | Validator Status: LIVE

Presenting: Bewotec Validator status: LIVE ✅

Introducing BEWOTEC GmbH as a trusted validator of Camino Network 🎉

Welcome Bewotec, an innovative company in tourism software development, as a trusted validator for Camino Network. With 30+ years of experience and a commitment to innovation, Bewotec has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge software solutions to the travel industry.

🔹 Since 1988, Bewotec has equipped its more than 3,000 clients across Europe with the tools to stay competitive, blending expertise in IT and tourism to deliver outstanding results.

🔹 With 100 highly qualified employees, Bewotec exemplifies dedication and excellence, ensuring every customer receives the best possible service and solutions.

🔹 Bewotec's software solutions aim to bring success specifically to tour operators, cruise companies, and travel agencies. Bewotec's integration into Camino Network as a validator brings years of #traveltech experience in the web3 travel ecosystem.

Their values of innovation, reliability, and customer orientation align perfectly with the mission to enhance travel tech with new digital technologies.

Join us in welcoming Bewotec to the Camino Network family!

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