Community Update Feb/24

Within the first month of 2024, Camino Network has already marked numerous milestones, showcasing consistent progress in adoption and development.

Tech Innovations:

Camino Messenger is live in the Alpha version. One more step forward to seamless and secure data management and exchange in the travel industry. For an in-depth look, visit documentation: Camino Messenger Documentation or ping Sam Jaarsma if you have questions.

Business Development & Events:

✅Fitur 2024 in Madrid brought more travel tech professionals into the web3 travel community, expanding the network and supporting new collaborations.

✅At the Tourismusforum, Camino Network was presented as a pivotal solution capable of improving the existing sustainability practices in the travel sector and introducing new ones.

✅ The DRV IT Committee provided a platform to showcase the capabilities of Camino Messenger to key stakeholders in the German travel industry.

✅ Multiple discussions around concept development with partners and validators are taking place. The focus remains on over 40 use cases, many of which will be presented at ITB.

Community Engagement:

✅ The first #web3 and #traveltech DevWeekend Hackathon was a success. Dive into the event's insights and achievements or enjoy the highlights from X Space hosted with PolygonID


Foundation News:

✅ The public token sale has been successfully launched. Get more information about this event and read the press release.

Benjamin Usinger has officially joined The Camino Network Foundation as an official Council Member.

✅  50 Validators are live on Camino Network.

Looking Back at 2023:

In case you missed it, catch up on all the milestones achieved last year: 2023 Camino Network Recap. Share your thoughts and questions to shape future Community Updates and forward this update to your network and colleagues.

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