🏕🔥 CAMPFIRE: New Year Announcement + OFFICIAL Art Basel Recap
December 29th, 2022

Big Things Coming in the New Year

We are excited to announce that we will release a music NFT collection featuring a compilation of the songs produced during the Campfire Art Basel sessions in 2023!

This is just the first of many planned music NFT releases. We will continue bringing new and exciting music and content to our community, the web3 music space, and the music industry at large! 

Art Basel Miami

As a community of musicians, artists, creatives, and advocates, Campfire seeks ways to bring the community together and facilitate collaboration. In these past months leading up to Art Basel in Miami, it was made clear that there was a strong desire and need for a creative space where Campfire could come together, work with one another, and share time and talents IRL.

We did our best to figure out something that would be impactful and meaningful for music creators within both the web3 community that we have been building and the overall music community. We rented the Campfire house and set up the Campfire studio sessions at the House of Hits recording studio in Miami while Art Basel took place. It was Campfire’s version of a hacker house: a safe haven where musicians, artists, builders, and creatives came together to work, network, build, and ship. 


The participation of the community was overwhelmingly positive. As the studio reached its peak, we were home to over 50 artists, producers, songwriters, and engineers working together and producing some truly unique and inspiring collaborations. We believe these shared experiences are critical to a healthy and strong community. We’re excited to continue providing a space for music creators to come together and create in the coming months and years.

The more we unify ourselves as music creators, and the louder our voice is heard, the stronger we are. We should always write the story and lead the narrative regarding what industry conditions should be like.

More to Come…

Stay tuned for updates about the Campfire Music NFT collection and future events, and thank you for supporting the Campfire community 

For a full recap of all that went down with Campfire at Art Basel, you can listen to the Twitter spaces we hosted recently:

Get Involved & Stay Connected

Campfire is one of the largest internet communities of web3 music creators and supporters, with the shared objective of creating better and more equitable conditions within the music industry. 

The Campfire guild and community acts as a holistic and creative support system for artists. Campfire brings value to the music community by being a digital and IRL container within which members have access to a variety of opportunities & resources including educational workshops & events, grants & scholarships + creative & business incubators and more. 

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Thank You

None of this would have been possible without Lens Protocol 🌿  and our other incredible partners:

Campfire is home to many. Gather ‘round 🏕️    

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