Canurta's Onboarding to Web3 and DeSci Manual

This manual will discuss an overview of how users can successfully prepare themselves to onboard to Web3 and prepare themselves to participate in Canurta’s supply chain and varying communities.



Canurta connects its proprietary technology with a leading network of researchers through a Decentralized Science or “DeSci” model to overcome the challenges of bringing rare, inflammation-fighting hemp polyphenols to market. We incentivize the development of safer and more effective natural solutions while allowing communities of donors, scientists and patients to work together on the clinical design and impactful healthcare discovery.

DeSci, is the future of health discovery, allowing diverse stakeholders to participate in the clinical design, democratize product development, and accelerate building a blockchain-enabled biotechnology organization. 

Why Now? 

  • Accelerate fundraising and build of community-driven health systems
  • Provides a new, DeSci, business model for research and development rooted in transparency and improved methodologies 
  • Ground-breaking opportunity to solve chronic inflammation and inflammatory-related diseases with novel, safe polyphenols  
  • Improved interactions between researchers, patient communities and analysis of research outcomes

In collaboration with Unstoppable Domains, Canurta provides the opportunity to build decentralized digital identities as a precursor to participation in Canurta’s supply chain and various communities.

Unstoppable Domains’ mission is to return the power of the internet to people. In order to accomplish this, they created NFT domains that allow you to control your digital data and identity. Your Unstoppable domain is your cryptocurrency address, your login to the decentralized web, and your universal username. Once your domain is purchased, it is yours forever; there are no renewal or additional fees, including minting and gas fees.

Moreover, a domain from Unstoppable Domains acts as a decentralized username. These blockchain domain names are linked to wallet addresses, making it easier to send and receive cryptocurrency payments, store digital assets, and create or browse decentralized websites.


Benefits of using an Unstoppable Domain

  • Unstoppable Domains can be used to send, receive and store different cryptocurrencies. Lengthy and error-prone alphanumeric addresses no longer need to be memorized. They can all be accessed through a single domain name
  • Digital payments are transparent, permissionless, borderless, and the users have complete control
  • Unstoppable Domains (blockchain domains) are the foundation of Web3 because they are the gateway to the decentralized web
  • In this decentralized ecosystem, users own and control their data and utilize these systems how they want
  • Unstoppable Domains permits Humanity Check verification, a private identity layer that you can associate with your Unstoppable Domain
  • Humanity Check verification only needs to be completed once per NFT domain
  • Humanity Check proves you are a unique person to an application; this allows you to enrich your experience and collect rewards, all without revealing ANY personal information to that app, thus preserving your anonymity


How To Acquire and Setup an Unstoppable Domain?


Step 1:

On your browser, go to Contact | Canurta , then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Register a Web3 Domain here” (Figure 1).

Figure 1
Figure 1

Step 2:

A new tab will appear, taking you to Unstoppable Domains’ website; click on the “Sign Up/Login” tab to create an account (Figure 2, Figure 3).


Figure 2
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 3

Step 3:

Once you have successfully logged into the website, you can start searching for an Unstoppable domain of your choice. Once you type in your choice of prefix for the domain and hit enter, several “.extension” choices will appear (for example: .x or .crypto or .wallet, etc.) After choosing the option you like, hit the “Add to cart” tab (Figure 4).


Figure 4
Figure 4

Step 4:

You will be given several options to pay for the domain on the Checkout screen. Choose the one most convenient to you (Figure 5). 

Figure 5
Figure 5

Step 5:

Once the transaction is confirmed and successful, go to the “My Domains” tab to view your purchased domain (Figure 6).

Figure 6
Figure 6

Step 6:

Now, it's time to mint your domain!

*Why do I need to mint my domain? Minting is the process of registering a domain onto the blockchain via your crypto wallet to gain full custody of the domain you just got. This means that nobody else has control over it except you, the domain’s rightful owner. This is what makes the domain truly decentralized. Once minted, neither Unstoppable Domains nor any other entity will be able to make changes to the domain or take it back from you.

Click on the “Free Mint” button to mint your domain (Figure 7).

Figure 7
Figure 7

Step 7:

When you click on the “Free Mint” tab, a pop-up will appear, sharing some vital instructions for the minting process. Once you have read all the instructions, hit “Continue” to proceed further (Figure 8).

Figure 8
Figure 8

Step 8:

The minting process involves a few sub-steps. First, you need to connect to a crypto wallet. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency wallet.

  • Click here to learn how to create a MetaMask Wallet account
  • Click here to learn how to create a Coinbase Wallet account
  • Click here to learn how to create a Trust Wallet account

For this example, we will be choosing MetaMask (Figure 9).

Figure 9
Figure 9

Step 9:

To establish a connection and verify the ownership of your account, confirm your email by clicking on the “Send Verification Code” tab (Figure 10).

Figure 10
Figure 10

You will receive a confirmation code in your email, enter the code and hit “Confirm” (Figure 11).

Figure 11
Figure 11

Step 10:

Choose the wallet address you wish to proceed with and confirm the transaction (Figure 12, Figure 13).

Figure 12
Figure 12
Figure 13
Figure 13

Step 11:

The minting has now begun. You can track the minting process (Figure 14).

Figure 14
Figure 14

Once you hit on the “Track Progress” tab, it will take you to the “My Transaction” page, showing you the transaction status (Figure 15).

Figure 15
Figure 15

Step 12:

Once the transaction is successful, hop on to the “My Domains” page. Here you will see your newly minted, truly decentralized and supercharged, literally unstoppable domain! (Figure 16).

Figure 16
Figure 16


Will I be able to transfer my domain?

Yes. The domain is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet and can be transferred by you after you mint the name on the blockchain with your wallet.

Which cryptocurrencies will I be able to use with my domain?

Currently, Unstoppable Domains support over 281 cryptocurrency addresses to map to a domain name to make payments easier.

Will there be some sort of ‘Whois’ record with my personal information associated with my domain?

Not by default. Sharing ‘whois’ information is opted in i.e. something that you can choose to do if you want. Otherwise, your identity will not be publicly known.

How do payments work with my NFT domain?

Add your bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zilliqa addresses to your .zil or .crypto domain inside of the ‘my domains’ section at Unstoppable Domains . When someone types yourname.zil into a supporting wallet, the wallet looks up that domain on the blockchain finds the appropriate address, and sends it to the address associated with that name.

How Do Transactions Occur?

Transactions occur via Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet or your preferred cryptocurrency wallet.

You can learn more by visiting their respective websites.

How Do Taxes Work?

Canurta does not provide financial or tax advise. However, it is generally understood that when you withdraw or convert crypto to fiat, it will be taxed. There are generally two tax structures it falls under Capital Gains or Income Tax.

You can learn more about each one and what to expect here.

Will I Earn Interest on My Investment?

Although you would not earn interest directly through Coinbase Wallet or Trust Wallet, there are options to lend out your crypto and earn interest on decentralized finance (DeFi) apps.

You can learn more here.

Can Crypto Be Used Towards Big Purchases?

Traditional RRSPs give you the option to use your money for substantial purchases such as a down payment on a house or for education.

Many companies are adopting strategies to accept crypto payments for various purchases - including those who use it to buy and sell real estate. 

Is My Crypto Protected from Creditors?

This question would be best answered by asking your accountant and/or bank.

Are There Any Safeguards Against Volatility?

Unfortunately, your investment is subject to the ebbs and flows of the market.


Additional Resources

If you still have questions, you can always refer to the Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet and Unstoppable Domains help forums. 

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