What is ClubSpace?

ClubSpace combines the features of Twitter Spaces and radio stations, with the added ability to promote music NFTs and interact on web3 social.

Artists can use it to host live listening parties for their new songs - created on open protocols like Decent.xyz - and share them on Lens. Listeners can tune in to the live live audio stream, engage with connected Lens profiles, and purchase the host's new music NFT. Additionally, ClubSpace offers other features to help artists maximize their earning potential. More information about these features will be shared in the coming weeks.

As it stands there are few avenues for web3 musicians to promote their music. A musician can only tweet their mint link so many times before it gets stale. One of the major benefits of the legacy industry is that signed artists get a lot of support around the marketing and promotion of their music. In web3 it is all DIY and there are so few ways to leverage the platforms available to increase this marketing reach. Clubspace has partnered with Decent.xyz and is working on integrating other platforms to allow musicians to leverage web3 radio for the promotion and marketing of their newly minted music.

Clubspace provides a number of benefits for musicians looking to promote their music:

  1. Monetize: Clubspace allows artists to earn money from their music by monetizing their spaces through sponsored Party Favors, ticketed spaces, and of course drop mints

  2. Build a following on web3 social: By showcasing their music on Clubspace musicians can attract new fans and build a dedicated following on Lens

  3. Connect with other musicians: Clubspace allows curators and musicians to feature a diverse range of music, providing opportunities for musicians to network and collaborate with others in their field

  4. Gain exposure: By appearing on Clubspace, musicians can gain exposure to new audiences

Features of a live space

Featured Drop – The core feature of a space is to promote your latest music NFT drop. We currently only support Decent.xyz, but plan to integrate other open protocols such as Sound and Zora.

Connected Audience – Everyone that is connected and listening in live will be shown in the audience, with their Lens profile or ENS data shown. Clicking on the PFPs will bring up a drawer window with their information, and a follow button to follow them on Lens.

Live Audio Player - Along the bottom edge of your screen you will see the song that is currently playing from the live playlist.

Party Favor - The party favor is Clubspace’s version of a POAP.  By attending a space, listeners can claim a token proving their attendance!

Host Mic - The microphone feature allows the host to pop in and speak to the audience.  When the mic is on, the music playing will automatically lower in volume so that the host can speak over it; and when muted, the music turns back up!

Scheduled Spaces – The schedule spaces feature allows you to reserve a time slot ahead of time for your Clubspace ‘space.’  You can preload all the details for your upcoming show and then just pop in when it’s show time!

Sponsored Party Favors – Coming Soon!

Sound.xyz Integration – Coming Soon!

Ticketed Spaces – Coming Soon!

ClubSpace builds on Lens Protocol, Spinamp, and open NFT protocols like Decent to provide the live listening experience.

Lens Protocol

Lens Protocol is a decentralized, open-source, blockchain-based protocol that empowers content creators to own and monetize their digital identities, content, and communities on the Polygon blockchain. It enables users to create, exchange and manage digital assets, such as tokens, in a trustless and decentralized way. With the Lens Protocol, content creators can finally have control over how their content is used and the ability to monetize their work without the need for centralized entities. The Lens Protocol brings renewed hope for a new era of social media, where content creators are in charge and can truly express themselves without fear of losing control of their digital identities.

If you don’t have a Lens handle, please fill out our creators waitlist.


Decent provides a set of tools for artists to construct blockchain contracts that secure revenue, foster community expansion, and incentivize collector involvement. With the Decent Protocol, they aim to create a future where NFTs will transcend digital collectibles to become the foundation for innovative web3 applications. With the Creator HQ as a no-code platform for creators, and developer-friendly SDK and tooling, Decent empowers artists and creators to launch NFT projects effortlessly.

How to mint an Editions NFT through Decent:

  1. Connect your wallet at hq.decent.xyz

  2. Launch Editions contract

  3. Fill out the fields to customize your contract

  4. Select “Confirm Selections” and carefully review your inputs (these cannot be changed)

  5. Deploy contract

  6. Select the contract on your admin dashboard at hq.decent.xyz to update metadata, add airdrop wallets, and more

Decent will automatically create a collection page for releases and will aggregate them into the Explore page. If you need further support with minting on Decent.xyz visit their knowledge base.


Spinamp is a music aggregator and player. It allows users to stream music, collect and trade music NFTs, and discover new music. The platform aims to disrupt the traditional music industry and give power back to the artists by allowing them to monetize their music in new ways. It also allows users to own a piece of their favorite artist's work and gain access to exclusive content, experiences, and merchandise.

When creating a ClubSpace, you will need a playlist you have made on Spinamp or the link to an existing Spinamp playlist.

How to create a space on ClubSpace

The process of creating a space is pretty straightforward

  • First, you must have a Lens handle to host a space and have a Spinamp playlist created or a link to one that you like

  • Once on the Clubspace homepage, you will begin by connecting your wallet.

  • You will then click “Login with Lens”

  • If you are whitelisted, you can click “Create a Space”

  • Select the Spinamp playlist you wish to use for the live space

Select your Spinamp playlist or paste the link to one
Select your Spinamp playlist or paste the link to one
  • Next, you will select the Decent NFT that you wish to feature. Please note this NFT must be either an Edition or a Crescendo minted through Decent (other integrations coming soon)
Choose the NFT you would like to feature
Choose the NFT you would like to feature
  • Next, you will be prompted to create a Lens post - the unique link to your space will automatically be included in your post. This step is optional but highly recommended for visibility
Optionally create a Lens post which will include the link to your space
Optionally create a Lens post which will include the link to your space
  • If you would like to schedule a ‘space’ for the future, you can do so as well. When users visit the link to your scheduled space, they’ll see a countdown timer to the start time
  • Finally, you can create a Party Favor NFT to reward attendees (or in the future, select from a sponsored Party Favors to earn extra revenue). A Party Favor NFT is a POAP for attendees of the space.  We encourage you to get creative with these NFTs! If you are not bullish on Party Favors you can skip this step.

The live ClubSpace URL includes your Lens handle (ex: joinclubspace.xyz/live/[handle].lens)

If you’d like to understand how to use ClubSpace for your next music NFT drop - send me a DM on twitter.

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