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June 16th, 2022

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NFTs have sparked a new digital economy - spanning across art, games, community, culture and finance. More than 2M wallets own NFTs and have transacted over 17B in volume. Despite this, tools for NFTs have been lacking in sophistication. Notable challenges include security and poor UX.

Every week there are new stories of NFTs being stolen - and they’re not just scams like “animate your Bored Ape”. Even the most experienced investors are getting hacked. On top of that, the poor UX of tools makes us worry unnecessarily. We have to triple-check every transaction to make sure it’s correct. For new collectors, fragmented tools make it hard to get started. You have to first create a wallet, then fund it, connect to marketplaces to purchase, connect to dashboards to view your portfolio value - and the list goes on.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the advancements we’re making in web3, why couldn’t a decentralized product offer the same level of experience we’ve come to expect of the best software in the world?

At Castle, we believe that collecting NFTs should be intuitive, fun and secure.

Introducing Castle

A smart wallet for NFT collectors.

With Castle, you have access to the following features all in one product:

  • 🔐 Multi-signature security - Protect your NFTs and tokens with DAO-grade security. Built on Gnosis Safe, the most trusted multi-signature wallet protocol, securing 80B+ in assets.
  • 🖼️ Built-in NFT marketplace - Purchase across OpenSea, LooksRare and other major markets directly in your wallet. Powered by Gem.
  • 🛍️ Batched transactions - Sweep the floor, or list multiple NFTs all at once - saving time and gas fees.
  • 📈 Portfolio tracking - Track your total portfolio value, including NFT and token prices.
  • ✅ Easy set up and use - Deploy a smart wallet in 3 quick steps. Sign transactions in a seamless MFA experience.

NFT collectors can use Castle for:

  1. Multi-signature vaults - Protect your long-term assets with more security than a hardware wallet.
  2. Advanced trading - Take advantage of smart wallet features such as batched transactions.
  3. Shared wallets - Split on collecting NFTs with friends and family.

What’s Next?

We’re just getting started. Our team is constantly working with early supporters to gather feedback and implement improvements. A few things already on our roadmap:

  1. Sophisticated NFT tools (e.g. batched transactions on Seaport, secure NFT transfers)
  2. Advanced portfolio tracking (e.g. track all your wallets, performance over time, P&L per trade)
  3. Vertical specific NFT support (e.g. gaming NFTs, music NFTs…etc.)
  4. Mobile app
  5. Many more!

To execute on our vision, we’ve raised a $1.5 million pre-seed round led by Dragonfly Capital, alongside Palm Tree Crew, Lattice Capital, Whitestar, Framework and angels such as Andy (Fractional), Gmoney, Jess Sloss (Seed Club), Trevor McFedries (FWB & Dapper Labs), Linda Xie, Cooper Turley, Hunter Horsely (Bitwise), Mariano Conti, Jason Goldlist, John Barnett, Joshua Harris, and more.

How to Get Access

We’re beginning to release invites to the private beta - if you’d like to sign up, you can join our waitlist here: join.castle.link

Join the Community

The Castle community is going to be critical to helping make web3 more secure, fun and inclusive for everyone. We’re here to support everyone as best we can and are looking for ways to increasingly involve key members in shaping our product and vision.

Hop in our Discord & follow us on Twitter to get involved!

We plan to reward early community members & contributors, more on that soon. 🤫

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