Who should attend NFT.NYC ?
July 3rd, 2022

This document consists of information from different companies working on NFTs and web3. Around 15000 people attended the event from across the globe. Around 2000 speakers and 200 MCs at the event. Below are the list of companies with whom I interacted at the event. I have shared my experience and thoughts about who should attend this event to get the best of it in the conclusion.

NFTPay market research

Few stats about NFT by NFTPay:

  • 41B in NFTs by end of 2022
  • 1T in NFTs sales by 2025 
  • Payments is one of largest opportunities as its platform agnostic with a  large amount of pent up demand for credit card payment

Projected 2025 NFT market sizes by sectors :

  • Real estate NFTs will be at ~250B 
  • Physical products NFTs @ ~310B
  • Metaverse NFTs @ ~302B 
  • Gaming NFTs @ ~100B 
  • NFTs and Art @ ~100B

Nifty SecuX

SecuX is an NFT HW wallet company. They are based out of Taiwan and all their HW units are manufactured in Taiwan. They have a variety of products ranging from different HW with screens to physical private key storage cards. 

The products can be connected to the phone via bluetooth and transfer your NFTs to the HW wallet. They also provide white label services. You can bulk order HW wallets and get custom configurations


RLBLC is a luxurious real estate membership club. They are releasing a 1000 NFTs and curating the members who can enter the whitelist. List of perks if anyone makes it through the whitelist. 

  • VIP access to RLBLC luxury real estate opportunities.
  • Member pricing on all stays at RLBLC properties.
  • Priority Whitelist for all upcoming RLBLC project collaborations.
  • Entry to the RLBLC private Alpha group.
  • Early access to the RLBLC Web3 real estate lifestyle app. 
  • VIP invites to RLBLC parties, dinners, and events. 
  • Reserved allocation in the upcoming RLBLC ICO.
  • Advanced booking at RLBLC properties.


Uniqly.io - the first marketplace and escrow that allows you to create and trade NFT tokens with the possibility of materializing them in the real world.

It is a multi-functional tool made for creating unique clothing and binding it with non-fungible tokens. It brings users the possibility of designing their own hoodies, t-shirts and other items using a built-in generator available on Uniqly.io platform. Its role is to manufacture these goods and ship them to our customers, or to safely store them and issue a NFT token instead! With Uniqly.io every influencer, youtuber, celebrity (or even individuals) can become a creator of NFT token series that will be backed by real world value! Followers who purchased them, can trade their tokens, exchange for other assets, pawn them or finally burn them to get a real, physical item with digital QR signature being the proof of sole and absolute ownership!


Covalent provides a unified API bringing visibility to billions of blockchain data points.

Wallet Interface : Aggregate historical balances, positions and PnL across DeFi and NFT assets on 26 blockchains.

NFT Gallery : Create custom displays for NFT collections from multiple networks.

Investor Dashboard : Build analytical dashboards showing price trends, liquidity and ROI of assets.

Taxation Tool : Extract historical balances and pricing of any token on 26 blockchains.

Custom : There's no need to limit yourself to one of the prescribed use cases. One Billion Possibilities.


MINTangible focus on providing the most trusted and up to date licensing solution specific for NFTs. And the solution plugs directly into your minting process, so customers will have the choice to add their IP terms and an IP structure from the get go.

If a company using the IP service are offering minting services to NFT Creators and Projects, they need to give them the ability to include intellectual property terms in their NFTs making them true assets and giving their buyers an easy way to know what rights go and don’t go with the NFT.

They will be the Digital Rights expert partner so companies can focus on the core business while giving the NFT creators a trusted and simple to use license generator for them to establish the necessary IP structure for their NFTs.

This will not only add significant value to the NFT customers but reduce the risk of unhappy customers later if and when questions and IP issues arise.


Company which provides a platform for music artists to create fan campaigns to raise money for the music release. Similar concept as kickstarter but for music. Music creators can start a campaign and set the money required for the release and the royalties. After the music is released the profit is shared with the initial backers who funded the campaign. 

Corite supports the Binance chain right now. Funding is accepted in fiat or binance supported crypto currency. 


OneArt has multiple features on a single platform from dapps to marketplace to metaverse. This might be a boon or a bane depending on the adoption. 

OneArt is developing a user-friendly infrastructure to unite NFT collectors, artists, gamers, and crypto enthusiasts across all blockchains in pursuing crypto technology and NFT mass adoption.

OneArt is an ecosystem of NFT and Metaverse products designed to simplify the entry of people into this exciting industry. Easily deploy, trade, get inspired, create, and earn. OneArt is building a scalable ecosystem of NFT related products connecting blockchains together in one place.

Hypernet Protocol

Hypernet is an open, cross-chain, community governed standard for identifying people and things on the blockchain.


  • Hypernet.ID is a frictionless and auditable system for authenticating and identifying customers on-chain
  • Use your NFT to verify your identity on any registered dApp project. 
  • Hypernet.ID publishes your NFT on the blockchain, it can be utilized directly by the smart contracts of any dApp


  • Used for Functional NFT Minting and Distribution
  • Multi-chain Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) solution for enterprise scale Direct Minting
  • Customizable on-chain logic that is dynamically extensible for NFT minting, sale, and distribution
  • Custom permissioned registries allow easy verification of NFT authenticity


  • Used for Computing Services
  • Galileo shows how crypto payments can coexist with other methods in a traditional payment system
  • Beyond selecting Hypernet as the payment method, it’s as easy as paying with a credit card
  • Time on software and hardwares can be purchased with crypto

Momo Board

You can call Momo board a better version of Discord. It allows users to create boards and groups and start discussing on a topic. 


Merchadise supports with Merch for your NFTs. They provide Shirts and hoodies for the NFTs in your wallet. 

The manufacturing units are in Los Angeles, CA. Merch ranges from different materials, thick to thin cotton fabric. 

They also support NFC tags which are waterproof stitched to the merch. Anyone can validate the authenticity of the merch. They support white label customizations. 


Fortress is a one stop shop for NFT APIs. They have a wide set of products for builders. Currently they provide services for :

  • Wallet 
  • NFT studios 
  • Financial services 
  • API platform


Web3Auth is a Key management infrastructure startup. Previously known as Torus. Their way of handling private key is interesting. Private key is distributed to 3 different parties

1/3rd of the private key goes to Web3Auth, which they shuffle it between 9 different platforms. 

1/3rd of the private key is shared with the user device. 

1/3rd of the private key is shared with the user's iCloud or questionnaire of their choice.      

To recover the wallet you will need a minimum of 2/3rd part of the keys. 


Metatope company provides different 3D skins for your avatars in metaverse. They have an app where you can 3d model your face and body, and later use the skins provided. These are interoperable among different metaverses. 


EPNS is a notification protocol at its heart. Built on top of Ethereum, It is a fully decentralized middleware layer that enables any dApps, smart contracts, or traditional services to communicate with their users in a privacy centric (wallet address) and decentralized fashion.

Among other things, the middleware ensures a spam free, user-centric, opt-in, transparent environment for the services and users to communicate.

The protocol also assigns a content type to payloads which essentially means that the services are free to communicate whatever information they want with the users, ie: Sending images, call to actions, videos, or even encrypted transactions


Zelf is the only startup at NFT.NYC which actually integrates ApplePay for buying NFTs. They are a bank for NFTs and metaverse.


Alt startup provides a platform for people who like to trade cards or any collectibles. They provide a marketplace to exchange these cards. Customer willing to trade cards has to send the card to the company and they secure the card in their vault and then make the exchange. 


Anchain are a KYC, AML service company with AI capabilities to track money on-chain. They have signed contracts with the SEC for money laundering investigation. 

They provide 3 products: 

  • CISO : Compliance Investigation Security Operations
  • BEI API : AML compliance in 7 lines of code. 
  • SCREEN : Smart Contract Risk Evaluation Engine


Bitwave are a tax solution for your NFT trades. But right now they are offering only for enterprise not for retail users. They also provide accounting services for enterprises. 

Enterprise grade APIs are provided to enable flexible integrations with source systems and target systems.

Bitwave offers a robust API for both pushing in data as well as extracting data.

Balances, transaction history, reports, and more can be generated and accessed through the Bitwave API.


Maddies is another merch company which provides help with whitelabel merch for customers. The factories are in Indianapolis. They support multiple products from clothes, metal prints, caps and mugs. They also authenticate the product by reading from the wallet. 


NFT.NYC is a conference for everything NFT related and more. It is a great networking place for builders in the NFT domain. Based on my experience attending NFT.NYC, it might be more beneficial for the speakers or the presenters who set up a booth at the event than a regular attendee. Many presenters at NFT.NYC are startups and they need recognition for which NFT.NYC provides an excellent platform. But for a person who wishes to attend NFT.NYC to learn more about NFT startups, I guess a day pass is sufficient. 

If you are an engineer and looking for any technical answers, this is not an event to attend. This is a good networking event and to explore products in NFT space superficially. NFT marketing or Product marketing teams, this is an excellent event to attend. If you really want to know engineering details, look up for specific satellite events which happens outside of NFT.NYC where startups actually organize demos and speak about their SDKs and API integrations.

One pet peeve about NFT.NYC was how confusing the event schedule was and terrible wifi within the main building where even loading a QR code took minutes. Imagine paying thousands of dollars for the ticket and setting up a booth but you cannot demonstrate to your customer a single feature on your App which you worked on it for years because of bad wifi. It was a disaster for many startups at the event. But kudos to all the entrepreneurs, they pushed through these trivial blockers and made the conversation interesting and creative for all the attendees like me.

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