okay, let's do this.
August 18th, 2022

hi, I’m Caden.

and I have a thinking problem.

I’m nearly a year into web3, and I still haven’t published anything on Mirror.

what the hell? why?

because I’m complicated! that’s why!

  • I want to write technical guides and practical breakdowns of social coordination mechanisms, but I doubt myself for lack of expertise.
  • I want to tell personal stories, but I'm insecure about the validity of my experience.
  • and I need to pay the bills, so I think I should be professional.

and, well...

that shit hasn't gotten me anywhere. it certainly hasn’t solved my very core problem, which is that I. want. to. write.


welcome to my Mirror!

and it’s going to be exactly that: a reflection of me.

a glimpse. a glance. a momentary peek into my thoughts, habits, hopes, fears, and honestly: my sometimes altogether too enthusiastic opinions.

which I'm so very excited to share with you. 🌞

I’m a writer. I always have been. I think in typewriter font and I draw story structure diagrams in my head when I go to the movies.

at home, I just draw them. 😁

I spend a lot of time writing long notes to myself about how I think things work, but I also really enjoy explaining them for other people, or just documenting stuff. and I looove teaching. seeing someone unlock concepts they struggled with before is just… *mwah*.

that, and I grew up in the age of MSN Messenger, so, like...

I know how to convey drama on the internet, that's all.

I’m also a very private person. very introverted. very inhibited. so I don’t generally like to reveal too much about myself. I like to take my time. really iron out my thoughts carefully. and essentially only present myself in situations where I understand myself.

but I’m, uh…

… I’m very messy.

and that freaks me out like, all the time.


and I’m tired of my messiness holding me back!

so I’m gonna follow every writer ever’s advice, and I’m gonna write what I know.

and that’s me.

I preach that this space could use more humanity, so I’m gonna be that olive branch. because I really do want to be a connection point. I want to share these brief, delicate moments with you—the ones that remind us we’re far more alike than we are different. and I want to normalize being a human on the internet. warts and all.

so welcome to the adventure, friend! I’m glad to have you aboard!

there’s plenty of sea left to sail, and just as much treasure to be found. 🙂

now let’s fucking write.

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