Cellula Season One Ambassador Program


At Cellula, we are excited to announce the launch of our Ambassador Program! This program is designed specifically for blockchain enthusiasts around the world, offering the opportunity to spread the word about Cellula and its cross-chain gaming concept. The Cellula Ambassador Program aims to build a vibrant and diverse community dedicated to:

  • Encouraging exploration of cross-chain gaming playstyles and strategies

  • Facilitating gaming discussion and professional development among ambassadors

  • Promoting positive community engagement and contributions


As an Cellula Ambassador, your level of engagement determines the benefits you receive, which may include:

  • Early access to Cellula updates and products

  • Recognition and visibility within the Cellula community

  • Monetary rewards based on contributions

  • Exclusive NFT rewards and future token airdrops

Ambassador Tiers

Junior Ambassador

Responsibilities: Active participation in the Cellula community on Discord, Twitter, etc.

Benefits: Discord role, NFT airdrops, and periodic cash prize draws.

Intermediate Ambassador

Responsibilities: On top of fulfilling the Junior Ambassador duties, be enthusiastic in answering user questions and feedback, collect and organize unresolved issues, actively participate in official events and provide effective suggestions.

Benefits: In addition to the benefits for Junior Ambassadors, receive all subsequent community NFT airdrops. Contributions to the community are quantified into points for participation in future token airdrop plans.

Senior Ambassador

Responsibilities: On top of fulfilling the Intermediate Ambassador duties, be able to independently create and disseminate content related to Cellula to enhance community engagement; in the future, may independently manage regional channel operations and participate in the planning and execution of official periodic events.

Benefits: In addition to the benefits for Intermediate Ambassadors, whitelist for mainnet core assets, and a share of a 500 U cash pool based on monthly contribution points.

How to contribute

To kick off your journey as an Cellula, you can start by completing a few initial tasks, such as social media engagement, content creation, video production, art creation, translation, or reaching out to developers.

The duration of the Cellula Season One Ambassador Program is set for three months, starting from January 5, 2024, to April 5, 2024. With the successful conclusion of the first season's ambassador program, we will make flexible adjustments based on the project's development progress and market dynamics to ensure that our plans are always up-to-date and aligned with our common goals.


  • Intermediate to Senior ambassadors are to submit their curated content on a monthly basis. The Cellula team will assess these submissions and then publish and distribute points accordingly, which will be used as a reference for future token airdrop eligibility.

  • At the end of the season, an exclusive NFT will be created for the best ambassador, along with the eligibility for airdropping mainnet game assets and a 300 USDT cash reward.

Application Process

To ensure that we select dedicated and knowledgeable ambassadors, the application process will include:

  • Your existing contributions - based on NFT tracking, activities on Discord, and engagement on Cellula social channels. Early contributors will be given priority.

  • Online Application: Future ambassadors planning to become a Cellula Ambassador will complete an application form, detailing their interest in Cellula and their ideas for promoting Cellula within the community. Please fill out the application form here.

  • Review: The Cellula team will review the applications and select the most promising candidates.

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