Announcing: CeloPG and Climate Collective join Climate Solutions GG20 Round

​Celo Public Goods and the Climate Collective are excited to announce a collective commitment of 50,000 cUSD matching to Celo projects participating in the Climate Solutions Round hosted by the Climate Coordination Network (CCN) during Gitcoin Grants 20. Any Climate and ReFi project developing on Celo will be eligible for the Celo matching in addition to their share of the existing $250,000 in the round.

On-Chain Climate Finance

Having led eight Gitcoin Core Rounds, distributing USD 3.9m in funding to projects on the frontline of fighting climate change, The Climate Coordination Network (CCN) spun out of Gitcoin in October 2023. Continuing its work as a decentralized community round, CCN has confirmed its planned round for GG20. During the round, projects rally donations to receive a share of the generous match funding supplied by CCN partners.

In partnership with Climate Collective, an organization incubated by Celo working to unlock technology and data innovations to accelerate progress towards climate and nature goals, Celo Public Goods is excited to join forces for the upcoming GG20 Climate Round to further support impactful climate and ReFi projects building on Celo.

Application period opens: April 2nd, at noon UTC.
Round live: 23 April - 7 May 2024
Total Match funding: at least $250,000 DAI + $50,000 cUSD

How to apply for the round

To be eligible for the program, a project must formally apply to participate in the Climate Solutions round. A committee from the Climate Coordination Network reviews each application to ensure alignment with the round eligibility. Detailed eligibility criteria and an overview of the review process can be viewed on the CCN Climate Solution Portal.

Once accepted into the Climate Solutions round, projects have to meet one of the following criteria to be eligible for additional Celo cUSD matching:

  1. Have an active deployment on the Celo blockchain.

  2. Have a clear public intention, commitment, or roadmap towards supporting Celo.

The Celo Public Goods Stewards will review all projects that apply for Celo matching based on these criteria.

Pre-register your project to receive additional support

The CeloPG Stewards have created a pre-registration form for projects that want to participate in the Climate Round and other CeloPG programs. By pre-registering, projects will gain access to the CeloPG Community Telegram channel, which coordinates feedback and support for projects.

Pre-register for CeloPG programs →

Tips to increase the quality of your application

GG20 Climate Round applications will open on April 2nd at noon, and applicants are advised to submit applications as early as possible to guarantee acceptance before the round starts. A clear, engaging title and summary at the beginning of your application, detailing fund usage and project importance, paired with an attention-grabbing banner or picture, can significantly enhance its reception and visibility.

It's also crucial to showcase your team's qualifications and share achievements and plans for future projects to build trust with the community. Engagement beyond your project, such as supporting other grantees and maintaining active communication with your followers, particularly on platforms like Twitter, enhances your grant's success by fostering a genuine community connection. For a comprehensive guide on maximizing your grant's chances, visit Gitcoin's Tips for Grant Success and CCN’s Climate Solution Portal.

Hypercert Minting

Celo Public Goods Program recommends all grantees to submit Hypercert impact claims. Hypercerts, based on the ERC-1155 standard and stored on IPFS, encapsulate impact claims of projects to enable transparent tracking and rewarding of contributions. For a detailed walkthrough on minting Hypercerts for your grant application, refer to the complete Celo Public Goods Program: Hypercert Minting Guide. This process underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in project funding, enhancing impact capital allocation.

For any questions or inquiries, please email

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