Announcing: CeloRPGF0

❕We’ve extended the Application Submission period. Projects have until May 8th to register for CeloPG and apply for #CeloRPGF via the EasyRPGF dApp. Additional submission tips available in this blog and the EasyRPGF Submission Guide.

​CeloPG is excited to host #CeloRPGF0, the first Retroactive Public Goods Funding program on Celo in collaboration with EasyRPGF. Inspired by the innovation in the public goods funding space, such as Optimism Retroactive Public Goods Funding, we’re kicking off an initial program to reward Celo ecosystem builders for their past contributions to the well-being of our ecosystem.

Up to 250,000 CELO will be distributed to active projects and individuals who have developed and supported the Celo ecosystem since the launch of Celo Mainnet in 2020. Spearheaded by the Celo Public Good Stewards, a group of 9 Celo stakeholders committed to supporting the development of Public Goods in the Celo ecosystem, CeloRGPF is an essential element of the CeloPG H1 2024 strategy.

Important Program Dates

Register Interest: Live now →
Application Submissions: April 8th - May 8th → Apply via EasyRPGF
Application Review: April 30th - May 13th
Voting Period: May 13th - May 20th
Results: Presented at Celo Gather on May 24th

Visual representation of the Celo Public Goods Funding flow.
Visual representation of the Celo Public Goods Funding flow.

#CeloRPGF0 Eligibility

In alignment with Celo’s mission of creating a regenerative digital economy with conditions for prosperity for all, this program aims to channel support to projects across three key Celo Public Goods verticals:

  • ReFi: Projects with an active deployment on Celo that support or directly enable real-world impact and ecological benefits.

  • dApps and Infra: Celo dApps and infrastructure that directly impact Celo users and stakeholders.

  • Celo Community and Adoption: Non-software projects and initiatives that help propel Celo forward, such as educational resources, content creation, community growth, user onboarding, and support for Celo governance.

Projects that fall into the above categories and have created a demonstrable and significant impact on Celo over the past 12 months can apply for this round.

How to apply?

  1. First, fill in the CeloPG Registration form to gain access to CeloRPGF program and receive an invite to the private CeloPG Group and mailing list.

  2. Optional: Mint a Hypercert, a digital claim about the positive impact your project contributed to the Celo ecosystem. Follow the CeloPG Hypercert Minting Guide for guidance and best practice.

  3. Formal applications in the EasyRPGF app from April 8th to April 30th for projects to provide full details and link their Hypercert.

  4. Steward review and voting period from April 30th - May 20th, where projects may be asked to provide additional data and answer any questions.

  5. Receive the result of CeloRPGF0 on May 24th during Celo Gather or online on the same day.

💡Review the Celo EasyRPGF Submission Guide to increase your chances of a high-quality application!

Review and Voting Details

The CeloPG Stewards will review all CeloRPGF0 applications to assess their integrity and ensure they align with the purpose of funding active projects that have developed and supported the Celo ecosystem. Projects should submitted their application in the EasyRPGF app during the defined application period dates.

All projects that meet the criteria and pass the steward review will move on to the voting stage, which will occur from May 13th to May 20th. During this time, Celo community stakeholders, selected based on their experience in the category they represent, will assess each project's impact and the funding it has raised to date and vote to determine how much CELO is allocated to each project.

A regenerative digital economy for all

Celo’s mission is to build a regenerative digital economy that creates conditions of prosperity for all. Creating collective wealth and supporting all builders equally is integral to the Celo vision. By nurturing projects and individuals who contribute to the well-being of the Celo ecosystem through CeloRPGF and other Celo Public Goods programs, we contribute to creating a digital economy that can coordinate towards critical real-world change. #CeloRPGF0 is just the beginning! ♻️

If you’re interested in helping shape the regenerative digital economy, consider this your invitation to become part of the Celo ecosystem. CeloPG will ensure your contributions will be acknowledged and rewarded.

For any questions or inquiries, please email

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