Send automated messages to all users who claim your POAP!

With ChainJet's POAP and XMTP integrations, you can send messages to everyone who has claimed and to those who will claim your POAP!

This is incredibly useful for maintaining contact with your users or sending personalized information.

✨ In your Dashboard, you'll find the "Bulk Actions" section. Here, you can easily send a personalized message to all users who have claimed your POAP.

Click on 'Create a Bulk Action', for 'Data Source', select 'POAP Holders', and for 'Action' select 'Send an XMTP Message'. After that, simply connect your XMTP account, input the POAP event ID, and enter the message you wish to send.

✨ If you want to automate a message to users who will claim the POAP, select the 'Send an XMTP message to every new POAP holder' template in your Dashboard.

Click on 'Use Template', connect your XMTP account, fill in the POAP event ID, and customize the message users will receive when they claim the POAP.

That's all there is to it! We hope this tutorial has been helpful. If you need further assistance, feel free to join our Discord community! 😊

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