Automate sending messages between blockchain addresses, including DMs, alerts, announcements, and more... with XMTP's ChainJet integration.

With XMTP, you can send messages between blockchain accounts, including DMs, alerts, announcements, and more... (Learn more here:

Now with our new integration, you can automate these actions, and we have designed the following ready-to-use templates:

✴️ Welcome your new LensProtocol followers with a DM:

✴️ Get email notifications when you receive a message on XMTP:

✴️ Get an XMTP notification when an ENS domain is about to expire:

👉 Just click on Use Template and fill in the required fields:

You can also connect XMTP with dozens of integrations, try it here:

Remember to join our Discord to be part of our community or if you need help! 😊

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