Add a new item to your Notion Database for every new POAP holder.

Let's learn how to easily add new POAP holders to your Notion database automatically.

Before you start, create the necessary columns in your Notion database. In this case, you want to include the address of the new holder and the date the POAP was minted.

  • Now, log into your ChainJet account with your wallet and select "create workflow" in your dashboard. Add the trigger by selecting the POAP integration and choosing "New POAP holder". Here, only enter the Event ID.

If this is your first time using Notion's ChainJet integration, connect your Notion account by authorizing ChainJet to access your pages.

  • Add the action by clicking on the "+" below the trigger and selecting the Notion integration. Choose "Create Database Item".
    Click on the "Database ID" field, you will see all the databases you have and simply select the one you want to create items in. Then, complete the item properties fields by selecting the corresponding data from the drop-down menu within the POAP integration options. For example, "Owner Address" and "Minted at" in this case.

That's it! 💪 Your workflow is now ready to use. Every new POAP holder selected will be automatically added to your Notion database.

Thanks for reading! 😊
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