Create your Chatbot linked to a wallet or ENS

Help your project grow with your own Chatbot. The creation process is straightforward. To begin, log in to using the wallet you wish to associate with your Chatbot.

Go to the "Chatbots" section in the menu of your dashboard, then choose "Add Chatbot" and select "AI-Powered Chatbot."

Next, complete the mandatory fields marked with an *, including the bot's name and instructions. Provide detailed instructions for your chatbot to ensure optimal functionality and comprehension.

Additionally, you have two optional fields at your disposal:

  • 'Skills': Here, you can not only integrate an external API but also use the 'Tag User' feature. This feature allows you to automatically assign one or multiple tags to a contact based on their specific actions or messages during interactions with the bot.

  • 'Tags': This field enables you to assign one or multiple tags. These tags will be automatically added to all users who contact the Chatbot, and then reflected in the 'Contacts' section, enhancing your ability to categorize and manage your audience effectively.

That's all! Your Chatbot is ready to go. Users can now reach it through their usual messaging applications, such as Coinbase Wallet, XMTP Inbox, and others!

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