Monitor token prices in 25 available networks, and receive alerts on Discord, Telegram, XMTP, or email.

Get notifications when a token reaches a specific price or changes by a certain percentage within 24 hours. Choose from 25 available networks. Receive alerts through your Discord Channel, XMTP messages, Telegram group, Twitter post on Lens, or any ChainJet integration of your choice.

👉To set up the "Prices" trigger in your workflow, log in to ChainJet using your wallet. In the dashboard, select "Create Workflow" and search for the "Prices" integration in the search bar.

1- Once found, you will have two options for triggers: Token Price Change Threshold or Token Price Threshold:

2- Then, fill in the few simple fields required:

3- Finally, select the action by clicking on the + button where you want to receive your alert:

And that's it! Your workflow is ready to go!

👉If you wish, you can select one of the ready-to-use templates available in ChainJet:

Send a Discord message when a token moves more than X%:

Get a notification on XMTP when a token price moves more than X%:

*This workflows only activates once and deactivates when the desired notification is sent.

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