How to create Discord commands to retrieve token information

This tutorial will guide you through creating a command for your Discord channel using ChainJet. Follow these steps:

  • Log into ChainJet with your wallet.

  • Click on "Create workflow."

  • Choose Discord integration as the trigger, and select "New slash command on a server." If this is your first time using the integration, you must authorize ChainJet with your Discord account (More Info).

    Fill in the "name" field with the token name, in this case, "eth". In the "description" field, briefly describe the command, such as "$ETH price info".

  • For the next step, choose the action, for it click "+" under the trigger. Choose the "Prices" integration, followed by "Get Token Price". Fill in the network data where the token is located (select it from the drop-down menu) and its address.
  • The final step is to add another action by selecting the "+" under the previous action. Choose the Discord integration and select the action "Send follow-up message".

    In the "Message" field, input the information you want the command to return in Discord. From the drop-down menu in the available options of the "Price" integration, select "Price" and "PriceChange24hs".

Your workflow is complete and ready to use. Go to your Discord channel and type "/eth" to retrieve the necessary information.

Thank you for visiting this tutorial. We hope it was helpful!

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