A colorful tear in the fabric of the space opens a portal to a parallel universe. A universe made of art... Free art is falling from the tear on our speculative art market.

A colorful eye, the eye of an omni-dynamic artist, watching our world... observing, creating... and dropping art.

A woman’s vagina (nothing dirty, I promise), giving birth to creativity, creating art... dropping art on our world.


This piece is incredibly special.

It’s not just because this is the first piece in ART PONZI where one of the editions will be airdropped.

It’s not just because this piece qualifies you for 9 more art airdrops.

There are many more reasons why this piece is special.

The Story & The Concept

Dropleft represents the ART PONZI collection.

I worked 40+ hours in total on this piece, out of which 18 hours specifically on the flowfield at the top. This was to make sure it resembles all three of the symbols mentioned above (space-tear, artist’s eye, woman’s vagina) at the same time. There are many ways to express “creator” and “observer”, but I can’t think of better symbols than these three.

10 minutes of those 18 hours here
10 minutes of those 18 hours here

In this piece, I wanted to reflect on the symbiosis between the creative subject and the speculative market. The shaking pyramid (pyramid scheme nature of many crypto projects) represents the fragile speculative market in this case.

Ponzi mechanics are common in the crypto market and ART PONZI as a collection itself pokes fun at that phenomenon (even though the collection has a hard stop of 10 pieces, so it’s not really a Ponzi scheme). In Dropleft, art pieces are falling onto the market like there’s no tomorrow. The market benefits from it, but make no mistake: The fact that people are enjoying these dropped pieces is the very thing that makes the artist alive - as represented by the never-ending colorful flow of the field around the TEV (tear/eye/vagina).

Here’s the cool part that completes this story:

First of all, every single piece dropping from the tear represents one of the future drops of ART PONZI. Yes, I’m already working on these pieces. Nothing is final and things may change, but currently we’re on track to link this piece forever to a few other pieces in the collection.

Probably nothing
Probably nothing

You may have also noticed: Some pieces are dropped fast from the TEV (tear/eye/vagina), and some are dropped slowly. An artist can sometimes deliver quickly, but sometimes it takes time. As a collector, your patience will be rewarded.

Yes, if you wait for 1 hour, you will see another piece being dropped from the TEV.

If you wait 9 hours, you will see yet another piece being dropped from the TEV.

If you wait 9999 hours, you get to experience the final version of the piece in full.

The Technique

You read it right. The loop of this glitch art lasts 9999 hours. Not possible in a reasonably sized GIF.

This fact makes this piece likely the longest loop NFT so far, also likely the longest animated NFT so far (or perhaps the longest onchain one).

I’m actually being cheeky because making these long loops or waiting times is not that difficult in SVG using a few animation functions and parameters. So someone can easily (and hopefully) beat my record by doing the same trick. But the fact that no one thought about using these tricks to tell a story until today is what makes this piece still very unique.

The other thing in this piece is that there is an animated "flow field” in it. Flow fields are a well-known art style that is visually very appealing to the eye. They are popularized within the NFT space thanks to Fidenza. I did an animated flow field to keep things fresh. To create the flowing boxes, I used “stroke-dasharray” and to create the actual flow animation, I animated the stroke-dashoffset.

Beyond that, Dropleft continues the tradition established by Genesisleft: It’s 100% stored on-chain. Not just the instructions with library dependencies (like Art Blocks), but the actual media file is onchain, so there are zero dependencies.

It’s again done with SVG, so there is no frame loss and no quality loss. It’s infinitely scalable in the metaverse. It’s future-proof!

One of the eight complete works that I discarded. I wasn't too happy with the story here.
One of the eight complete works that I discarded. I wasn't too happy with the story here.

I worked a lot harder on Dropleft than Genesisleft, probably because I fell into a bit of an imposter syndrome after the successful auction of Genesisleft and tried to prove to myself that Genesisleft was not a fluke.

I ended up discarding 8 finished versions to finally end up with one that I really liked. I hope everyone likes this piece as much as I do.

The auction will be held on this link. After the auction is over, one out of the two editions of Dropleft will be sent to Genesisleft’s owner.

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