Season 1: 0xWork

Invest in people, not in ideas. 0xWork is a physical expression of that ethos, an investment in the people building the next generation of apps for Web3.

Builder DAOs are already growing rapidly with the likes of RabbitholeSeed ClubForefront, and FWB .

Soho house, am exclusive members only events space was recently valued at $2.8bn based on their ownership of 28 Soho House club locations around the world.

Our business will be a crypto native $FWB meets Soho House, and combine the best of both worlds.

But enough of the preamble what is 0xWork?

Season 1 of 0xWork will provide private meeting spaces, room to work and build, and the ability to host events. It’ll reflect the Web3 movement in every way possible with NFT native access systems, Art Blocks on the walls, and key partners in the space who are well respected and pushing the industry forward.

This is broken into two parts:

  1. Online Community
  2. Physical Space

Access to these will be granted through NFTs (which will also help fund the first year of development)

  • 250 NFTs - Builder’s Season 1 Community Passes
    • Gives you access to private Discord Community with additional benefits
    • Access to 0xWork events in NYC and elsewhere
    • Every member is screened on the initial sale, and members are also screened manually if they intend to buy the NFT on secondary
  • 75 NFTs - Founder’s Season 1 Passes
    • 1 Year of Access + Guest Access to physical location in Manhattan, NY
    • Perks and credits from partner companies
    • Access to 0xWork events in NYC and elsewhere
    • Access to future 0x Partner Companies
    • Every application is screened on the initial pre-sale, and members are also screened manually if they intend to buy the NFT on secondary

Each of the 75 founder’s access passes will be created in collaboration with NFT artists, and they’ll also be at the physical location so that their owners can come in and show them off.

Of the money raised this is what the expected breakdown of costs will be.

  • Year 1 of rent and build out and renovation of space
  • 20% of the proceeds will go to the 0xDao, a treasury that will fund improvements and initiatives that the collective community can vote on.
  • Operating expenses for the space (including founder salaries)
Example build out
Example build out

After the model has been proven out in NYC, we can expand to SF, London, Singapore, and to every location with a vibrant crypto community.

We also have plans to develop partner companies to bring additional value to members. Examples include: 0xHelp (a trusted network of virtual assistants that are blockchain savvy and can assist members with their day to day) or 0xGrow (incubator program to launch promising companies)

Join us for the ride!

Applications will be open soon, and we will start gathering interest for reserving your space in our launch, scheduled to open in middle of 2022.

Interested in learning more, or seeing how you can help out?

Shoot us a note!

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