Chee Finance Announces the winning of the Grand Prize in the Meter Ethereum Hackathon

Meter Ethereum Hackathon

With an inbuilt metastable gas currency, is a highly decentralized Ethereum scaling solution. As a layer-two protocol, it connects to Ethereum and other blockchains, besides enabling smart contracts to scale and communicate seamlessly through the heterogeneous blockchain networks.

 Intended to onboard new quality projects (DApps, DeFi, DAOs, DEXs, and others) into the Meter Ecosystem, the Meter Ethereum Hackathon was conducted.

This Hackathon was held from 14th February 2022 to 11th April 2022, and the prize pool was 100K divided into four categories: DeFi, Web3, Gaming, and NFT Dapps.

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Winning the Grand Prize and the 1st place in DeFi

Chee Finance had the opportunity to participate in the DeFi Category in the Meter Ethereum Hackathon. We are proud to announce our having secured the First place in the DeFi category and bagging the Grand Prize at the hackathon.

It came as no surprise to us when we were informed that we had emerged as the Grand Winner from amongst 415 participants. We are highly impressed by the unflagging efforts of our efficient team that has made this possible and this is our first attempt to showcase our existence to the DeFi space. We are indeed confident that in a very short period of time Chee Finance would be a project to reckon with.

We are thankful to and for hosting this wonderful event and are also appreciative of the judges for bestowing this honor and trust on us. We shall continue to endeavor developing the most advanced lending protocols on Meter.

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About Meter

Meter is a DeFi infrastructure with a crypto-native, built-in metastable currency. It works as a highly decentralized, high-performance EVM compatible Ethereum and other public side chains.

Meter addresses two significant issues:

1. For DeFi applications, the lack of a stable, decentralized unit of account being an established value.

2. Scalability and interoperability issues with the blockchains currently available.

About Chee Finance

Chee Finance is a decentralized money market built on the Meter, Celo, Polygon, and BNB Chain networks that offers advanced cross-chain non-custodial FT and NFT liquidity. Users could easily lend, borrow, and earn interest on their digital assets.
Chee Finance also provides a bridge powered by the Meter Passport.

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