Euphoric Chee's Manifesto

Being euphoric is the most commonly seen emotion in the crypto world. Little Lychees felt euphoric after making enormous fortunes in crypto & NFT investing.

People come into the crypto world and come out. Conferences and meetups happen every day during bull markets, whereas nobody cares about the shit anyone does in the bear market.

Some people got euphoric during bull markets, and some got euphoric during bear markets. Some got euphoric when they made an immense fortune, and some got euphoric when they witnessed others’ bankruptcy.

Some are sleeping 12 hours, and some are using drugs. Some are working day and night on the internet looking for 0day, and some are chasing fugitives worldwide. The world is massive; euphoric people sometimes simply need a rest.

Being joyful, being euphoric – a simple task that sometimes can hardly be achieved in a lifetime.


Terrace deep as the sky.
Stone bench where I sit and read,

I wandered by myself
Into the heart of the Metaverse ahead.

In one hand some lychees, in the other,
A phone with a Twitter thread.

Eating the juicy bought in the market,
Have no idea the price per kilogram.

Stalks mottled red tied up with string,
Flesh the color of pigeon wings—

Sweet simmering.
Sunlight bruises air

Pine trees blacken.
Where shall I go?

The Otherside peaks
covered in snow.

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