Hey Goons!

I know you’ve all been curious as to what’s happening with $CHUNKS.

We have a shift of strategy in the $CHUNKS launch that we feel has more overall chance of success for the token.

Due to the current market conditions, besides Bitcoin dominating the market, the only altcoins doing well are the established ones. Very few projects launching publicly on launchpads are pulling in liquidity right now. Several projects are failing to raise during public sales due to an overabundance of tokens coming out and most of the liquidity concentrated in Bitcoin and large caps. Under-selling a pre-sale and burning the rest of the unsold supply isn’t a risk we can take simply because any project that fails to close out a public sale instantly loses interest from the crowd as they move on in search of the next “hype thing”.

Altcoin wise, the only things moving in this market are meme tokens. The concept is simple. Early buyers have the advantage and even a $50 investment during the first few hours of a stealth launch has made people life changing money in coins like $PEPE, $BOB, $GENSLR, $WOJAK and others.

So we are reverting back to the original plan with $CHUNKS - a stealth fair launch.

Stealth Fair Launch

We want to give the community first dibs for the first 30 minutes of the token launch via whitelists. In order to get whitelisted, you have exactly 72 hours from the date of this announcement to submit the form below. Depending on the total wallets on the whitelist interested to get in early, we will announce a whitelist token buying limit.

We will be launching the pool at a 5k marketcap (with a 5k USDC liquidity against 95% of the supply. 5% is reserved for the airdrop). It is very likely that the initial allocation on the whitelist will be very small dollar-wise, something between $25-$50; however, you will be buying a tiny cap token before we open the public gates and the chart already looks green from the community demand and no sell pressure.

As soon as we remove the WL restriction and buying limits after the initial 30 minutes, anyone is welcome to buy any amount they wish. We will have some influencers supporting the public launch and the rest of it is up to you. Most meme tokens succeed due to the fact that the community presence is extremely strong on twitter and the Telegram group is buzzing. The goal here is to self-market the token into heavy external public demand.

Airdrop Details

The airdrop will not be given out on TGE. There will be a specific secret date or perhaps a snapshot date announced at a random time after the token has already been trading for some time. This means the airdrop program will still be valid even after the launch.

Due to the shift in strategy, the #9 option on the airdrop list (“buy $25 worth of $CHUNKS during pre-sale, qualify for the airdrop”) is going to get replaced with something else that Mark and Beagle will announce soon.

Whitelist Details

WL opens: Friday, April 28th, 3:30 pm EST

WL closes: Monday, May 1st, 3:30 pm EST

Stealth launch: Tuesday, May 2nd, 12:00 EST (Noon) / 16:00 UTC

On Monday, May 1st, we will announce the total # of WL participants and the token buying limit for the first 30 minutes.

To avoid bots and hunters exploiting the WL, the qualification requirements are per wallet:

  • Must hold 1+ Goon NFT(s)

  • Or must hold 50,000 $GOB tokens

There will be some influencer wallets exempt from these requirements.

Please submit your wallets in the form below!

We’re about to make some noise!


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