Meet Detective Jack: A New Series
September 26th, 2022

In 1960s-era Los Angeles, a crime wave has stricken the city. Murders have become a daily occurrence. The LAPD has proven itself to be incompetent. Well, at anything other than malfeasance and corruption.

Increasingly, the only crimes solved are the domain of one man—the handsome, if emotionally unavailable Detective Jack Crimson.

Detective Jack is a choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery NFT series.

As the story unfolds, you will have to decide how you want to solve the mystery by keeping or burning specific NFTs. Each decision affects the next piece you receive and what part of the story you explore.

Each season lasts for one month. Season One is Jack’s attempt to solve the murder on South Maple Drive. Some of you may choose to solve the mystery. Some may chase rarity. Some may collect based on aesthetics.

The choices are yours.


To participate, you must have the story pass for season 1 (link). More on acquiring that below.

Then each Monday for four weeks (10/3, 10/10, 10/17, 10/24) you will be dropped two new pieces—I’ll call them “pages.” Each page represents a decision in the story with an AI-assisted visual and an accompanying human-created text. You will keep the NFT whose story you want to follow, and you must burn the piece you do not want by Sunday at 6 PM UTC. If you miss the cutoff, the game is over for you. There are no do-overs.

On the last Monday (Halloween, 10/31), you will receive a final page based on your choice on 10/30. Some of you will have solved the mystery. Many of you won’t.

At the end, you will have six pieces, including the story pass, representing one of 16 possible story branches that may have been followed.

If you have more questions, check out the new Detective-Jack channel on my discord.

Getting the Story Pass

There will be 300 story passes available for 40 tezos each. That is the only cost across the entire month, and you will ultimately get six NFTs, including the initial pass.

50 passes will be reserved for the top 50 holders of The Truth series (based on the number of unique editions). 100 will be reserved for holders of any piece of The Truth. 100 will be available for anyone. 50 will be reserved for partners and others. Max of one per person.

To participate, please put an offer for 40 tezos on the story pass (link here) by Sunday at 10/2 at 6 PM UTC after which point the raffle will happen. That time will also be the snapshot for the reserved spots.

Note: There is no secondary market until the month is done. If you sell any pieces before the month is done (including the story pass), you and the purchaser will receive no further pieces of the story from those NFTs. This is also an experiment in splitting the fun of NFTs from the price...just for a few weeks of course.


How do I burn pieces?

On the page for the NFT you are looking to burn, click “Actions” on the right side of the screen. Then scroll down to “Burn.”

Is there a secondary market?

If you sell any pieces during the month, the adventure immediately ends for you and the purchaser will not receive any additional pieces from the NFTs you sold or bought. After the end of the month, the secondary market opens. In future seasons, the pieces you have from season one, including ones you purchase on secondary will impact future stories.

How many editions of each piece will there be?

The edition count of each piece will be based on the number of pieces burned and kept (and one artist’s proof of each). Rarity will ultimately be based on the choices you make and the choices of all other participants.

In total, there will be 47 different pieces minted in season one, with the final two weeks being the rarest editions.

What if I miss a cutoff?

Unfortunately, it means the adventure ends for you. Due to the complexity of managing this, we need enough time to organize the airdrops and can’t make any exceptions. Burn wisely.

This seems intense?


As a result, there will be no announced (hint, hint 👀) drops of The Truth during the month.


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