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March 4th, 2022

Web3 is now a new buzzword in crypto world. Many of NFT projects related to it, but the use of NFTs are not only for arts. A wide range of applications like Authenticator, Voting, Phygital and many usability with the power of Web3.

Since many of product designers, relatively new with “Web3” space. We decided to form Masshift as a collection launchpad and authenticator platform, helping and support to realizing the designs of our designers into a limited real-world collectible products. Imagine Supreme label, we are the same brand concept in Web3 space.

Blueprint Collections

To empower our Masshift brand, with the help of our passionate designer Joni Tron, our first collections are consists of limited items of Casual Hat, Tops, Pants, and Shoes under the Masshift brand. And each NFT will represents a blueprint, voting power, and shares of items that showing on each NFT. By holding a Blueprint, as a holder you can request and control the distributions of physical items of your NFT. And also you will receives commission of each physical items sale. The more you hold NFT within the same item, the more you get voting power and commission for each sales.

The types of each items are derived to different style:

  • Hat (Cap, Beanie, Boonie, Classic, Beanie, Bucket, Visor)
  • Tops (Jacket, Sweater, Shirt, T-Shirt, Long Sleeve)
  • Pants (Trousers, Jogging, Shorts, Jeans, Cargo)
  • Shoes (Sneaker, Boots, Loafers, Slipons)


With the uses of metadata, we can embed authenticator parameters into a physical item to check whether each of these items owner are validated and authenticated using blockchain technology. You probably asking how we can do that?

Thank you to a great invented technology called “NFC”. Each of our products will be planted with unique radio frequency identifier (RFID). And we will release our own apps to authenticate the ownership of this item with NFC. Our NFT will be not transferable once the real-world item has been claimed by the NFT owner.

$MSHFT and Breeding

Masshift introduced $MSHFT token to support ecosystem within our brand. The Staking features empowered each of First NFT Blueprint Collection to produces limited $MSHFT token and take benefits of it.

By using $MSHFT token, you can breed Blueprint Collection as a new minted NFT without burning the Blueprint one. Each breed will represents 1:1 physical items geared with Military Grade RFID tag to authenticate the item ownership. Once the item is on sale or auction, each successful sale 75% will be distributed among related item holders, 25% commission will be added to liquidity pool for 7.5% to increase the value of $MSHFT. And another 17.5% to cover the production cost of physical item and logistic fee.

After the First Blueprint Collection sold out, you will need $MSHFT token to mint our next collections. Benefits are packed for our $MSHFT diamond holders 😉

Authenticated Items Ecosystem

To trade your breed NFT (1:1 Physical item - NFT), we build our own marketplace to authenticate the ownership of each items. As the owner, you can put your NFT to sale in our marketplace. The marketplace we are building is so exceptional to trade collectible NFT and physical items.

As part of authenticator brand, we are using escrow type payment inside the smart contract. Our partnership with different logistic company partners will pick-up and authenticate physical item as their business process. The transferable payment will be executed once the next owner authenticate the items on our apps to validate received the items.

This conceptual authenticator will be improved to maintain our services quality as a web3 brand and addressed in the later part of this paper.

Fixed NFT Collections Supply

To keep our brand maintained as unique items web3 brand. We keep our NFT supply to multipliers of 1 or 10 which are 1, 10, 100 and 1,000 tokens. For example:

Genesis Supply - 1,000 tokens

For each breed items supply will be controlled by the Genesis NFT owner as a blueprint.

NFT Minting

Our minting price structures are reasonable for 1,000 authenticated items and to sustain Masshift ecosystem.

Total Supply: 1,000 Tokens

Max Mint Per Address
Shiftlist: 2 Tokens
OG & Public: 1 Token

Shiftlist & OG

Our OG Members members are allowed to mint 1 token. Shiftlist Members have an exclusive access to mint 2 tokens per-address.

Shiftlist Supply: 8 Tokens
OG Supply: 114 Tokens
Shiftlist Mint Price: Free (Max 2 Token)
OG Shiftlist Mint Price: Free (Max 1 Token)

Raffle & Paid Mint

a. Raffle Mint: Will be selected from If the raffle sale still not fully minted, it will be opened for everyone to mint.

b. Paid Mint: For our investors who are willing to paid mint, unique traits for our last 100 tokens. You will own 40% of shares (distributed fairly to our last 100 holders) in our phygital business and greater DAO voting power.

Raffle Public Sale: 778 Tokens
Public Sale Supply: 100 Tokens
Public Sale Mint Price: 1 ETH (Max 1 Token per wallet)

Rarity Scores

The first 900 is Common, and the last 100 is Unique.

Depths on $MSHFT Token

The $MSHFT Token will serve as both the Governance Token and the Utility Token for Masshift. You will be able to claim $MSHFT token by staking your Blueprint Collection into the staking pool.


Total Supply            -  1,000,000  MSHFT
Airdrop(20%)            -  200,000    MSHFT
Incentives(10%)         -  100,000    MSHFT
Public (10%)            -  100,000    MSFHT
Staking Rewards(60%)    -  600,000    MSHFT

Token Airdrops

10% $MSHFT Token will be airdropped to the Masshift Unique holders. The amount of airdrop will be shared within 100 holders and distributed evenly whenever the NFT is staked.

Staking Pool

Instead of letting NFTs sit in the wallet, Masshift holders are able to mine extra $MSHFT token by staking your NFT. Here is the mining process:

Stake CollectionGet $MSHFT RewardBreed new NFT with $MSHFT

To get $MSHFT Token, a user has to hold at least one NFT. You can then stake the NFT into the NFT Staking Pool, a pool generating $MSHFT token that can be claimed anytime. If you trade NFT and sold to someone else, all token you have claimed will not be burned and tradable.

In our estimation, each NFT you hold and staking for at least 30 days. You will generate approximately 0.2 $MSFHT per day. The airdrop distributions will be determined by each item’s rarity as bellow:

Common     -  100,000 / 900  -> 111.11 $MSHFT / day
Unique     -  100,000 / 100   -> 1,000 $MSHFT / day

Each holders for Unique will receive both Staking Rewards and Airdrop. Benefits for Common holders, the breeding will be much more cheaper than other rarity levels.

NFT Breeding

Once you have certain amount of $MSHFT, you are able to breed 1:1 phygital NFT. Each of NFT you want to breed, you can setup pool with other holders that own the same items. Once breeding has been done, the pricing of breeding will be increased 1.5x from the last breeding price. The starting price of the first breeding will be different for each rarity.

Common            = 7,800 $MSHFT
Unique            = 21,000 $MSFHT

Last_Breed_Price  = (Common, Legendary)
New_Breed_Price   = Σ(Last_Breed_Price * 1.5)

The reason of multiplying by 1.5 every time new breed is issued, to maintain the genuineness and limited edition. With the higher production of physical items, each items value will not be increased from time-to-time due to higher volume of supplies.

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