April 1st, 2022

Genki a Web 3.0 community on-ramp platform


Crypto and blockchain adoptions have been on a rapid from the year 2021. We are preparing for the next big wave of 1 billion crypto users which would means more room for creativity and productivity in the space

The questions now are, “where will these users come from?” “How to know more about these users?”

When we look at blockchain technology which reshapes the traditional system structures, from the product/tech perspective, Users login with decentralized wallets, Users own their assets, Users interact with applications in a trustless way.

Applications themselves, are experiencing a paradigm shift. However, the infrastructure for marketing and community are not ready yet. There is a chasm between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 and Projects don’t have a good tool to evaluate on-chain traffic. The industry doesn’t have comprehensive metrics to evaluate the contribution of different channels. This causes a lot of time and budget to be wasted in a mis-matched process.

The open relationships on blockchain will return the data ownership and unlock new combinations of marketing opportunities which is why we believe that there will be a Web 3.0 native marketing rail born


Genki aims to be a web 3.0 community on-ramp platform where web 3.0 projects, channels, users and validators build new connections in a trustless way.

Genki helps content creators, influencers and key opinion leaders(KOLs) to navigate their audience into value in a decentralized way by performing simple tasks and completing quests thereby earning in the process, benefiting both the content creators, influencers and their audience.

By having accurate data of each influencer and user on-chain profiles, projects save time and cut down cost on searching for influencer and users for community and marketing, they get the best of both worlds by also being able to launch quests on Genki to target on-chain users.

What Can Users Gain?

Users would be able to explore new projects at their early phase, existing and booming projects of various sectors in the crypto space such as DeFI, GameFi, DAOs and so much more. Learn and earn, collect NFTs and increase your rank by completing quests on Genki. Projects tend to know their counterpart based on on-chain data. In the nearest future, users would be able to earn through all these and users can currently earn NFT badges for completing certain tasks


To achieve our vision of decentralized protocol, we divide Genki into 3 stages

Stage 1: GenkiBox - Web 2.0 quests + Web 3.0 quests

Genki provides projects with a one-stop station to deploy their campaigns. Currently, there are no tools that can support social media quests and on-chain quests at the same time. Through Genki, projects can evaluate a completed user journey starting from social media to Dapps and Genki will provide more add-on features, examples: Spam/Airdrop hunter filter. This further helps projects to reward the right users and achieve long-term growth.

Stage 2: Genki Matching Platform

Continuing the cornerstone of Stage 1, we will expand the service to channels including twitter/youtube influencers. On this platform, we help them to outreach broader marketing deals and record their referral behaviors for future on-chain credentials. On the other hand, projects benefit from the platform by browsing on-chain tracking records of different channels. For example: A DeFi project can quickly choose channels with DeFi tags and know what this channel has done before.

This platform will become the biggest crypto matching platform which helps projects and channels save time and have a win-win relationship.

Stage 3: Fully decentralized Genki

After Stage 1 and Stage 2, Genki has accumulated relationships with projects, channels and users. Plus, there will be a lot of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 quests integrated on the platform. Based on all of these, it will be the right timing to push this network effect further. All existing partners can participate to become Genki shareholders for the launch of this fully decentralized protocol.

The amazing part of decentralized Genki is that. It is transparent in such a way whereby projects can match with channels in a trustless way; It is scalable that every component is based on smart contracts. From quest deployment, channel registration, quest verification to reward distribution can be automated; It is composable that other projects can leverage the existing quest or on-chain relationships to build their component.

We believe the marketing way will change in the Web 3.0 world. An open network can bring more efficient matching, and return the data value to every participant.

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