🌍 Introducing CommunityBuild to the world: Full-Stack Community Building for Innovative Web3 Teams, powered by our Incredible Contributor Community 🌟

We believe Web3 Founders are building some of the most revolutionary products we've seen to date, but the biggest challenge these founders face is building authentic communities with true ownership.

CommunityBuild aims to support the most innovative Web3 teams with a critical factor to success: community.

What is CommunityBuild?

CommunityBuild is an organization that helps early-stage Web3 teams build ownership-driven communities through our in-depth understanding and expertise of Web3 psychologies and paradigms. But why is community so important in Web3?

We believe communities are actually the biggest differentiator between Web3 and Web2 companies. Web2 products have usually built communities regarding them as audiences and consumers, but ownership in these communities is mostly non-existent.

What makes Web3 teams stand out is the major focus on communities, resulting in wider distribution of governance and greater ownership amongst the community.

How does CommunityBuild help achieve this?

At CommunityBuild, we take a two-pronged approach to building communities for the incredible Web3 teams we work with.

For our clients: CommunityBuild helps founders from the get-go, strategizing and planning the best narratives and communities that are aligned with the long-term visions and goals of the product and team. Post this, CB along with our community and an incredible team of contributors and moderators takes care of end-to-end community management and growth for the teams. This includes 24/7 community management, regular events, giveaways, influencer and media connections, ambassador programs and everything that is needed to build a vibrant, ownership-first community.

For our community: Through programs like #CommunityExplorers and #UniversityExplorers we are building a community of incredibly talented individuals from all over the world, and bringing opportunities to #ContributeandEarn with the best Web3 companies. Our community gets rewarded native project tokens and bonus $CB rewards. In fact, a majority of our token supply will be reserved exclusively for the community!

I’m sold! Tell me, how can I join CommunityBuild?

If you’re a Web3 team looking to work with CommunityBuild: communitybuild.typeform.com/onboard

To join CommunityExplorers: t.me/communitybuild_en

We’re also accepting applications for UniversityExplorers now, express your interest here (Exclusively for College Students): communitybuild.typeform.com/UniExplorers

Join us as we embark on this mission to build revolutionary Web3 products that are people-first, ownership-driven and built with the most amazing communities in the world <3

P.S. You can collect this intro blog as an NFT for 0.01 ETH, limited supply of 10,000: collectors will become Core Contributors for life, becoming first in priority for airdrops, rewards or anything CB related ;)

About CommunityBuild

CommunityBuild helps incredible Web3 founders and teams with full-stack community building, growth and management, focusing on building ownership-driven communities through our vibrant community of incredibly talented individuals from all over the world. CommunityBuild team members have worked with pioneering projects across NFTs, Metaverses and DeFi like eDAO, Tanukiverse, Hydrastarter and blockchains like Polygon.

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