Introducing a new Paradigm for Investing: Community-Led Fundraising! 👯💸
July 14th, 2022

At CommunityBuild, we’re constantly thinking of ways to support founders while empowering communities with ownership and opportunities. It’s in the cold crypto winter that most of the best builders show up, but many investors seem to be scared away by the media and cherry-picked doomsday scenarios.

Fundraising and finding helpful contributors has become the biggest blocker for smart and talented early-stage Web3 founders.

This is why today, we’re introducing CLF or Community-Led Fundraising: Clear, milestone-based fundraising for your early-stage idea and connections to more than 10,000 incredible contributors, powered by the CommunityBuild family.

Inspired by concepts from ReFi (Regenerative Finance), CLF will help Web3 founders build sustainable token economies for their protocols, with close assistance from the CommunityBuild team and contributor community.

The first project to launch on CLF will be our own CommunityBuild! If you are interested in investing/contributing to the future of CommunityBuild, express interest here:

CLF will be a brand new addition to the suite of community building and management services that CommunityBuild already provides. As part of the CLF tool, early-stage Web3 founders will receive the following benefits:

→ Tokenomics, Investor Deck and Milestones Design

→ Connections to our incredible 10,000+ member contributor network

→ Community-led and aligned fundraising support through CLF Tool and Network

The CLF tool will be completely free to use for teams that already work with the CommunityBuild organization across any tier. (Learn more about working with CommunityBuild here)

The CLF tool can also be made use of standalone without signing up for the rest of our services. Signup to get early access to the tool here!

We aim to solve funding and contributor issues for Web3 teams and bring more innovation into our space, by helping more amazing founders realize their visions and at the same time onboard more talent into Web3 🎉

About CommunityBuild

CommunityBuild helps incredible Web3 founders and teams with full-stack community building, growth and management, focusing on building ownership-driven communities through our vibrant community of incredibly talented individuals from all over the world. CommunityBuild team members have worked with pioneering projects across NFTs, Metaverses and DeFi like eDAO, Tanukiverse, Hydrastarter and blockchains like Polygon.

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