Top 10 things to do if you’re coming down to Bangalore for ETHIndia 🇮🇳

Asia’s biggest Web3 hackathon ETHIndia is coming to Bangalore, the garden city and we COULD NOT be more excited! We’re ready to show you our beautiful city of greenery, music, beer and technology: here are our recommendations for the top 10 things to do in Bangalore while you’re here for ETHIndia.

Possibly the best Ethereum Hackathon Poster Design (by BLR DAO)
Possibly the best Ethereum Hackathon Poster Design (by BLR DAO)

#1 Grab a beer! 🍻

Bangalore is filled with legendary watering holes for beer
Bangalore is filled with legendary watering holes for beer

Whenever someone says they are missing Bangalore, it is highly likely that it has something to do with the amazing breweries in this beer city.

You’ll find high-quality craft beers from all over the world in garden breweries, rooftop bars and pubs accompanied by pristine weather and lively music.

Some of our top recommendations would be Beer and Garlic Herb Pub Fries at Arbor Brewing Company, the legendary Toit, Biergarten or Big Brewski for breweries in huge garden settings and Windmills, which is quite close to the venue ;)

#2 Catch a sunset or enjoy a walk in one of Bangalore’s Gardens and Parks  🌅

Bangalore is also called the Garden City
Bangalore is also called the Garden City

Bangalore is fondly called the Garden City due to its abundance of lush gardens, parks and lakes. Although the high-rises and tech offices are creeping into the greenery, there are still many gorgeous gardens where you can enjoy a sunset, breathe in the fresh air and interact with people from all walks of life.

Some of the best parks in town include Lalbagh: a botanical garden with birds, flora and fauna, Cubbon Park: a favourite with locals during sunrise and sunset, and Bannerghatta Park: home to a host of animals including elephants and tigers.

#3 Jam to the best Live Music 🎺

Echoes of Earth: A music festival set in the middle of a forest
Echoes of Earth: A music festival set in the middle of a forest

Bangalore is quite possibly one of Asia’s best venues for live music and entertainment. Techno, jazz, rock, indie - name it and you have it. If you’re in town for ETHIndia you’re lucky - December is a brilliant time for music in Bangalore. Echoes of Earth (3-4 Dec) is a sustainable music festival set in nature with The Yussef Days Experience and Klangphonics headlining, Grammy-nominated sitar maestro Anoushka Shankar is live on Dec 11, DJ Snake on 27 Nov and the Scandinavian band Michael Learns to Rock are in the city on 9 Nov.

#4 Grab delicious street food (Dosas + Filter Coffee) 🧈

No caption needed
No caption needed

A trip to Bangalore is incomplete if you haven't tried some of the best Dosa and filter coffee the city has to offer.

Once you take a bite out of the masala dosa from MTR, Taaza Tindi masala dosa, or Murugan Cafe, you will forget if you were seated or standing, hungry or full, and completely lose yourself in the explosion of flavours, textures and aromas till it is done. But wait! Don't forget to wash it down with a hot cup of filter kapi (coffee). Assuming you managed to save some room in your stomach, make sure you try the filter coffee from Bangalore Cafe, Rameshwaram Cafe, and Sendhoor Coffee Koramangala.

We are sure memories of bustling crowds, flavours and aromas will keep bringing you right back to the streets of Bengaluru. Just don't get hit by an auto 😂

#5 Day trip to Nandi Hills and other places 🏔

Nandi Hills
Nandi Hills

Nandi hills is an ancient Hill station in the Chikkaballapur District of Karnataka, situated at a height of 1478m, and around 70kms from the heart of Bangalore.

When you go to Nandi Hills, make sure you catch the sunrise. The atmosphere is chilly, rainy, sunkissed and looks absolutely gorgeous! It is the go-to location for amazing views, chilly weather and some really fun activities rolled into one. You can take part in activities like camping, biking, paragliding, trekking, or just drive around the hills and enjoy the country vibes.

#6 Immerse yourself in the Cafe Culture ☕️

Om Made Cafe
Om Made Cafe

Bangalore is home to India’s brightest young talent: developers, artists, musicians, and creators. It’s only fair that the city has some of THE best cafés in the country - with beautiful artwork, coffee from India’s beautiful hill stations and super fast WiFi for all your work needs.

Our top picks include Araku Coffee and Paper & Pie in Indiranagar, Hole in the Wall Cafe in Koramangala and dyu art cafe, a quaint artsy cafe famous for its chocolate cake.

#7 Attend ETHIndia and India Blockchain Week! 🇮🇳

India is the home of top Web3 protocols like Polygon, big brain devs and incredible community and marketing talent. Every week there are loads of incredible meet-ups, workshops and Web3 events happening around town. 

ETHIndia is Asia’s biggest Web3 hackathon with 2000 participants, India Blockchain Week will be running from 28 Nov to 6 Nov: with parties, workshops and exciting gatherings planned. 

Bangalore is the epicentre of the best technology gatherings in India and probably Asia, all year round. 

#8 Get LIIT at Socials 🍹

Launched by restauranteur Riyaaz Amlani, Socials has taken the country by storm with its iconic spaces and drinks along with an innovative community design. 

Their legendary Long Island Ice Teas that comes in 3 unique flavours are a quintessential experience for India’s modern-day city crowds.

Show up earlier in the day for a more relaxing atmosphere or later for a louder, more social vibe.

Socials is also collaborating with CommunityBuild to throw a bunch of brilliant parties and events around ETHIndia including the ETHIndia opening party on 1st December and a fun Web3 Popup Store on the 2nd of December.

#9 Hit the Bookstores 📚 

Chapamaca Bookstore
Chapamaca Bookstore

After a long day of beers, dosa, filter coffee, and sunsets in the parks and gardens of Bangalore what could be better than a relaxing walk through the quiet, lovely bookstores of Church Street? If you are looking for a wide collection of books and manga stacked till the roof there aren’t a lot of better places than Blossoms Book House and The Bookworm..

Champaca bookstore on the other hand is a book cafe that offers a different atmosphere; a relaxing space to sit down and enjoy your books with a snack and beverage.

#10 No trip is complete without a guilty shopping spree in Brigade and Commercial Street 🛍

No trip is ever complete without a guilty shopping spree that has you questioning your impulse control! You’ve had a wonderful few nights in Bangalore and now it’s time to say goodbye :( Rest assured, Bangalore has you covered when it comes to souvenirs. Commercial Street and Brigade Road together make up about a kilometre-long stretch of vibrantly lit and bustling shopping areas that have everything you could ask for.

Situated right next to Cubbon road is Commercial street; one of Bangalore's oldest and busiest shopping areas. Get ready to walk because when we say it is one of the busiest, we mean it! This area is known for its trade in clothing, jewellery, electronics, and of course, food.

Just a 20-minute walk away from Commercial street is Brigade Road, the most “happening” place in Bangalore and we know that since this is the go-to New Years' celebration hub in the city. It is home to various shopping centres, pubs, cafes, bars and some notable landmarks, such as St. Patricks Church, Opera House and a First World War memorial dedicated to the fallen soldiers of the Madras Sappers and Miners.

So there we have it! The top 10 things you have to do when you’re here in Bangalore for ETHIndia, until you’re back the next time of course :)

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