Polygon Support for NFT Scribe

NFT Scribe (the smart contract that allows ERC721 token holders to append onchain messages and annotations to their tokens) now supports Polygon! And not only ERC721 but ERC1155’s too (Polygon only).

To try it out, visit:

Scribe will detect which network your injected Web3 wallet is set to and work accordingly. Supported networks include Ethereum Mainnet, Goerli Testnet, and Polygon Mainnet.

You can also interact directly with the contracts via Etherscan. Links for each network are as follows:

Ethereum Mainnet

Goerli Testnet

Polygon Mainnet:

Using Scribe is easy! Simply input the token contract address and the token ID:

You can easily find this from the token’s OpenSea URL:

After inputting the token address and token ID, click “Load Token”. After a few seconds it should load both the token name and token image:

You should also see the history of previous owner annotations once loaded:

And if you’re the owner of the ERC721 (or own at least 1 of the ERC1155), you should have an option to “Submit Dictation”

Is an NFT more valuable if a notable artist or collector previously owned it and annotated their thoughts? Only time will tell!

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