Web3's Educational Potential
May 20th, 2022

We're on the brink of an axiological revolution.

One with so much obvious upside to learning, it'd be insane to resist it.

A decentralized, cryptographically secured internet promises several positive educational disruptions. If the rapidly evolving, self-governing, & tokenized ecosystem of networks powered by blockchain technology can reinvent how we exchange monetary & artistic value, there's no reason it can't reform intellectual value & capture the resultant opportunities.

Here's a very condensed overview of what's possible:

DAO Schools

Uncensorable student-faculty owned decentralized autonomous organizations with transparent governance, high plasticity, less rent-seeking, & novel incentives. Could such structures forgo student debt or even compensate learners? Can pedagogy be minted & monetized?

Instructional Metaverses

Important social & emotional learning happens in physical schools, but so does a lot of social-emotional damage. It clearly doesn't work for everyone. Could avatar-based educational spaces provide viable alternatives for those in need or even superior ones for individual creative expression?

Blockchained Credentialing

Reputable schools on-chain endorsing successful students and their employers confirming competency makes for powerful positive feedback loops of crypto & clout. Could bodies of work & qualifications reside with high fidelity in digital wallets instead of living embellished & vague on legacy resumes?

Opportunity Markets

Real-time data about workforce needs, experience requirements, & available remuneration is a radical departure from dated common-sense notions about which multi-decade careers have tended to pay well. If job applications were smart contacts unlockable by qualified wallets, could that empower a more flexible economy & more equitable compensation? Would it allow for instant, precise intelligence about the actual supply & demand & reward for skills?

Though we can't replace current centralized educational models overnight, we can & should aggressively experiment with more dynamic systems in parallel.

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