Announcing Honduras CLR Grants
January 10th, 2022

TL;DR: Honduras is launching a CLR grants program curated by the local community, for inscriptions or donations head to:

Honduras is a country located at the hearth of the America continent with an Ethereum community that has been flourishing over the years. Hondurans are all over the world working on Ethereum Core Protocols, DAOs, NFTs, and DeFi projects. As a community we set the goal to create a bigger local ecosystem where normal users can engage in daily activities using Ethereum and find a full time jobs in the Ethereum ecosystem.

One of the key elements that affects the local community growth is the lack of constant funding for activities or projects, currently community members do most of their work as a volunteers and in their free time. Honduras doesn't even have an ecosystem for Venture or Angel capital so alternative funding mechanism are experiments worth exploring.

To solve this issue, we have been working with the team for the last couple of months in order to create a country grants program specific to the Honduras community using the protocol to ensure a credible neutral and decentralized in the funding mechanism managed by the community.

Using Capital-constrained Liberal Radicalism ('CLR') allows the community to constantly fund the activities and projects that are having (or will have) a greater impact on the community.

Round Details

The round will have 4 periods:

  • Sign in period: Projects and voters will need to register in order to participate in the round. From December 10 to January 15.
  • Voting period: Users that signed to vote will have this period of time to assign their votes and donate. From January 16 to January 31.
  • Reallocation period: Voters will have 3 days to reallocate their votes in case they need to. 3 days after voting period ends.
  • Tally period: The management team will execute the contracts and check that everything is in order. A few days after the Reallocation period ends.


The first rounds of the CLR will be lead by the Ethereum TGU organizers, with the goal to transfer ownership to the BUIDL Honduras DAO once it's set up.


A part of the funds for the CLR will come from the BUIDL HN treasury, which is funded through Gitcoin Grants

The funding for the initial round will be:

  • $2,000 provided by BUIDL HN.
  • $1,000 by Ethereum TGU.

Matching Donors

The team will also look into other DAOs or organizations that are looking to fund communities and match the funds to future rounds.

Anyone can add funds to the matching pool.

Project Inscriptions

Anyone that meets the acceptance criteria for this round can apply going to:

The criteria for acceptance into the round is:

  • Ethereum based projects or Ethereum related technologies (e.g., cryptography research or tools).
  • No Token Sales, ICOs.
  • The team has to be part of the Honduran community, with physical members working in Honduras.
  • Not a closed source project.
  • Good reputation with the community, for the first rounds we won't accept contentious projects for the community.
  • Public goods or impact on the local community is a plus.

Community On boarding

Documentation is needed in order for the community to engage in funding or submitting projects. We will create a plethora of resources in Spanish to facilitate this on boarding, which includes:

  • Blog posts
  • Video tutorials
  • Meetups
  • Small grant for meetup participants to vote.

All these resources will cover, how to register, how to donate, how to get funds, how to set up a wallet.

Who Can Vote?

For the last years we handled POAPs for all the activities we did as a community. We can measure who is an human and active community member by the amount of POAPs that they hold, as we want active Honduran community members picking which projects deserve to be funded for the first rounds only these POAP holders will be able to vote.

Some of the POAPs that have been granted by the community
Some of the POAPs that have been granted by the community

Donors vs Voters

Anyone can contribute by donating to the total pool of funds, but, to allocate match funds to projects (by donating) you need to hold one of our community POAPs, to make a distinction between the two roles we call these type of donors “voters”.

About CLR is a protocol for efficiently allocating funds to public goods that benefit the Ethereum Network according to the preferences of the Ethereum Community. strives for credible neutrality, decentralization, permissionlessness, trustlessness, and pseudonymity.

About BUIDL Honduras

BUIDL Honduras is an open community for anyone interested in the Blockchain as a problem solving technology. A Decentralized Community in the hearth of America.

You can also contribute in other ways, like sharing our content or being a guest in our meetups. You can reach me by sending me a DM on Twitter @Crisgarner.

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