Regenerative incentives for IRL products

The web3 promise of collective abundance has been unlocked with the emergence of: 

  • decentralized ledgers for the exchange of goods, 
  • smart contracts to fractionalize collaborative intellectual property (IP),  
  • and programmable positive-sum tokenomics. 

This promise has inspired humans to live symbiotically with nature whilst fulfilling our basic needs. It has unlocked opportunities to grow our collective skills and knowledge to create incentivized value flows for our communities.

Early signals of success with ‘Solarpunk’ inspired experiments demonstrate the viability of systems that regenerate the basic needs for food, clothing, living, and energy through co-owned incentives.

However, in order to disrupt the vertically-integrated, value-extractive centralized systems, decentralized collaboration is critical to achieve economies of scale and intercommunity network effects.

With Crowdmuse, we aim to introduce a more human-centric approach when designing smart contracts to amplify the potential of our communities through regenerative flywheels

Crowdmuse is a collaboration protocol bringing IRL business models on-chain with co-ownership incentives between Contributors, Collectives, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). 

We are the connective metalayer that generates and distributes value across decentralized business models through positive-sum collaboration, evolutionary knowledge and transparent ownership incentives.

By open-sourcing product playbooks, intellectual property, and supply chain networks, we aim to eliminate competitive IP destruction and contribute to permissionless collaboration hyperstructures.

Such hyperstructures can help ‘out collaborate’ value-extractive corporations to shift our collective focus towards building abundance for our generation and the next.

Crowdmuse is operated as a DAO of experts, entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers with experience across climate tech, sustainable fashion, regenerative agriculture, circular economies, and many more domains. 

The Crowdmuse DAO came together based on a deep curiosity for systems design, smart contracts, token economies, and human-centric values to build the best version of a web3-enabled future.

The only house rule is to create more value than you take.

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