Introducing $CAMP: A DAO for grassroots land stewardship and regenerative culture

TL;dr: This post introduces the $CAMP DAO, its ecosystem, and our roadmap to acquire, develop and steward nature-based, multi-use land assets. Join us in discord and follow along on twitter @cryptocommons for the latest.

All around the United States, local Boy Scouts Councils (and others) are selling nature-based campuses. There are currently properties listed in California, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, and more.

Each of these properties has its own character, affordances and utilities, including campsites, commercial kitchens, dining pavilions, swimming pools, horse barns & corrals, residences & more - and community who have cherished memories there.

They won’t be on the market long.

What if we bought them as a DAO?

Prospective $CAMPus that just sold.
Prospective $CAMPus that just sold.

$CAMP DAO is a mission-driven DAO focused on reclaiming land for stewardship, regenerative culture and economic empowerment.

The history of how we've treated land (and the people on it) over the last few hundred years is shameful. An equitable way - the one that respects the Rights of Nature, the rightful autonomy of local stewards, with distributed wealth and decision-making, has yet to emerge.

People around the world are looking for ways to have a direct say in the currently extractive and artificially centralized economy, where capital creation and allocation is by fiat of the financial elite. Furthermore, people are looking for ways to have a direct say in environments that are quickly being removed from public access to be privately developed, or where nature is being destroyed in the name of extractive profits.

$CAMP is a way for individuals to participate directly, economically and recreationally, in the benefits of ecological stewardship. It's an opportunity to be a co-founder of a global movement to steward land and maintain access to nature for generations to come.

We're beginning with the purchase and development of a flagship property - a large nature-based campus on the West Coast within striking distance of a major city, which we are in negotiations to acquire.

By purchasing and holding our crypto token, $CAMP, you will have membership in the land we acquire, a say in its governance, future developments, and of course - premium rights-of-use to its natural beauty and common facilities.

We envision our flagship Crypto Commons $CAMPus acting as a cornerstone within a wider network of nature-based and micro-campuses for learning, regenerative culture and economic empowerment - all accessible for $CAMP holders, and the general public.

$CAMP is your chance to participate in a bold experiment in 21st century land stewardship and collaborative governance. Join us to help steward nature-based access and learning for the generations to come.

The Crypto Commons $CAMP Ecosystem

Our first initiative is to develop a slate of nature-based land assets through tokenization of membership, usage rights and governance - the $CAMP ecosystem.

While each $CAMPus will have unique personality and affordances, they will have many commonalities, including:

Councils of Citizen Stewards to govern each land asset. This is a form of decentralized collaborative governance which brings together an array of community stakeholders, including: the general public, residents, board members, community members, organizations that use space, local ecology stewards and others.

A focus on regenerative patterns and lifestyle practices on-campus that minimize our impact on the land, and contribute to the health of its ecosystem. You won’t just be investing in one campus, but in a pattern for land stewardship that respects people, profit and planet.

A focus on properties not suited to traditional financing/development or land that has been mistreated by the market, where isolation and fragmentation have reduced its productive capacity.

Affordances for a range of mixed uses and accommodations from simple lean-to camping to luxury cabins, tents, RVs and yurts.

By unifying citizens, local staff, board members, stakeholders and local organizations around the shared stewardship of a land asset, $CAMP DAO can serve as a platform for diverse communities to organize around a shared vision and mission.

Milestones & Timeline

As anyone who has dealt with real estate knows, timing and leverage to negotiate are key to successful acquisitions. Our timeline is contingent upon market conditions and certain milestones intrinsic to the phased development of the $CAMP DAO.

Acquiring our first $CAMPus

Our flagship campus will be a campground, with cabins, tent camping, RV spots, yurts, cabins and spaces for learning and events, and also a creative village with communal kitchen, makerspace and other facilities.

As of today, February 20th 2022, we are in negotiations to acquire a first class property in California, which we are withholding details about so as to avoid undue competition or price inflation. We will share more with folks who participate in our token raise and support the $CAMP DAO in our early stages.

The campus itself is in the hundreds of acres with a storied history, and plenty of water available. It's accessible by 4x4, and will provide excellent support for camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hiking and exploring.

Generating a "Peace Chest" - an account of community-sourced funds - enables us to financially lock in high-value properties. Decentralized governance ensures that $CAMP holders can guide $CAMP DAO’s strategy regarding utilizing the Peace Chest into the future, and have a say in the development of our flagship $CAMPus and acquisition of subsequent properties.

In order to do that, we’re opening a Phase I Token Sale of $CAMP token.

$CAMP Peace Chest: Phase I

$CAMP tokens will be an ERC-20 compatible token initially sold via the platform. Details of our token can be found here: Phase I Funding Cycle.

We're setting a target of raising $500k in Phase I. The use of funds from this initial token raise will be used as an earnest money deposit for acquiring our flagship $CAMPus, providing operational capital for costs including legal, hiring the required experts for due diligence on the property, as well as initial funds for building out $CAMP DAO and the Crypto Commons concept further (technical, identity, community development, etc).

The use of funds for Phase I of the development of Crypto Commons DAO shall be to pay for:

  • Network/community development
  • Modest stipends for Stewardship Council members
  • Site Plan Development
  • KYC, regulatory and legal review
  • Earnest money for securing due diligence on flagship $CAMPus
  • Due diligence costs

What do you get in return?

In Phase I, $CAMP functions as an initial reservation of a level of a “membership” tier in the $CAMP DAO. It’ll raise us the money to put down earnest money on our first $CAMPus.

By participating in our first round of financing, you are reserving your level of membership via NFTs, and can secure your stays, summer camps, retreats, workshops & events at our flagship $CAMPus for 2023 and onwards.

$CAMP is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain created via smart contract the DAO platform. A description of our live token contract can be found here: link

Each $CAMPer who contributes more than 1 ETH will receive a "citizen-steward" level NFT, which shall represent a reservation of usufruct in the first $CAMPus (think timeshare but cooler), as well as the right to vote in upcoming proposals and decisions of the DAO (see more in Phase II NFT Airdrop).

Fractional Usufruct NFTs

Usufruct is an age-old concept referring to “the right of using and enjoying the profits of an estate or other thing belonging to another, without impairing the substance.” Crypto Commons $CAMP is a model for grassroots stewardship, not collective ownership. Pre-selling fractional usufruct NFTs enable us to benefit our Citizen Stewards in the short term, and the mission and vision of Crypto Commons DAO as a custodian of the land in the long term.

A certain amount of Citizen-Steward NFTs will be reserved for and awarded to individuals who make in-kind contributions to the management and development of the Crypto Commons DAO.

Floating Reservation NFTs

This type of NFT represents a consumable of the Crypto Commons DAO, such as a night of camping, or an event ticket. We will be minting Floating Reservation NFTs yearly, and on an as-needed basis, grounded in a careful consideration of what the land and its facilities can support.

Holders of Event tickets, Camping, Glamping, and RV pass NFTs will be able to redeem their NFTs for stays and events on $CAMPuses (based on availability). our flagship campus by sending the NFT token to a burn address upon reservation. Holders also be able to sell them back into the pool to redeem their initial contribution, if they do not intend to use them.

$CAMP Governance

We envision $CAMP DAO as a dynamically governed community asset pool rather than a new form of financial instrument. We see issues with making a speculative financial token as the DNA of $CAMP DAO, we will not be executing decision-making based on snapshots of token holders to weight governance.

$CAMP DAO operates in a decentralized collaborative governance model, for the appropriate concerns. This means that the community stakeholder groups most closely affiliated with a particular campus and owning the campus NFTs will govern the local campus assets. These stewardship councils will be formed and evolve over time, and will include people who:

  • Use
  • Live
  • Create using Campus Facilities
  • Trade on Campus using the $CAMP token
  • Propose Land Use & Budget Changes
  • Maintain & Upkeep Campus

After our initial campus is secured, acquisition of land assets will be done via participatory governance. How will this happen?

  • DAO members submit (pre-)proposals
  • Proposals are voted by community in accordance with relevant governance criteria (number of members, AC ratio, etc.)
  • Upon successful vote for acquisition of a land asset, the land is secured under contract for a period of due diligence
  • Funds for full purchase price and development costs are raised via NFT presale and $CAMP community offerings.
  • At time of purchase, the land (and membership) is immediately transferred to the association for the community via appropriate NFTs.
  • A form of collective insurance is used to protect funds, investors, and association from irresponsible actions.

A Global Vision Starts Locally

We envision our flagship $CAMPus as an initial step toward developing a functioning network of Crypto Commons, governed by decentralized coalitional governance.

In the mid-term, we envision creating other tokens besides $CAMP that represent the various community assets, including ground leases, land licenses, short and long term rentals, micro-finance loans, and so on.

Aside from the flagship property, and in collaboration with our partners, we intend to develop various micro-learning centers throughout North America, and globally, beginning with areas that have strong community, ecosystem and regenerative economies.

In the long-term, we envision other Crypto Commons tokens representing the capacity of the natural and built environments in order to track and facilitate interactions across decentralized coalitions of organizations, businesses and individuals, beginning with the regenerative ecological health of specific land assets.

Grassroots Ecological Stewardship

$CAMP DAO will have a true symbiotic relationship with the land assets it acquires. $CAMP is a platform to unify grassroots ecological stewardship through participatory governance, citizen science, and evidence-based decision-making.

$CAMP DAO is a conduit for resources and financing for grassroots land stewardship, which differs from traditional capital-intensive efforts under development by for-profit companies.

The $CAMP Ecosystem will reward the principals of ecological stewardship over profit, and will be focused on seeking out opportunities where the market fails, opportunities that mainstream capital has overlooked, undervalued, or is misaligned to execute on.

It is in between these ‘cracks’ that the $CAMP DAO sees the most opportunity, and where we feel we can most effectively cultivate a healthier relationship with the land, while also creating opportunities for resilience, self-reliance and community, focused on restoration and cultivation.

The Team Behind Crypto Commons

$CAMP DAO has a leadership team, advisors and consultants with decades of experience in regenerative design, commons-based peer production and decentralized governance. We’ll be announcing the individuals publicly on our Stewardship Council in the near future. You can also meet all of us in the $CAMP DAO Discord. We’re a network of peers who are committed to the vision of the Crypto Commons and $CAMP ecosystem over the long term.

Crypto Commons $CAMP is initiated by the Future Scouts, a 21st century decentralized service organization, and Commons Engine, a sister project of Holochain.

Be part of the journey

$CAMP DAO is a place where everyone can participate, and where community is built on principles of mutual respect, empathy, and open-heartedness.

The $CAMP ecosystem and its governance model will be continuously refined and improved, with feedback and critique coming from voice and vote of community members.

Our goal is to cultivate a community of regenerative thinkers, action-oriented organizers, entrepreneurs, and big dreamers alike, who are interested in thinking outside the box, and collaborating for the common good.

To start, we’re looking for 200+ citizen-stewards who love nature, camping, and want to help protect our natural spaces for the generations to come. We’ll discover together how blockchain and decentralized technologies can help us tackle our ecological crises and reimagine how we relate to community life.

You do not need to contribute financially to become part of the $CAMP DAO. Many of us do not have dispensible income, and are in the same boat! But you can contribute and create value by getting involved with us at this early stage. Help us create the narrative of the Rise of the Crypto Commoners!

A decentralized network of Crypto Commons can help us discover how to shift away from land ownership and hierarchy, and towards stewardship, collaboration, and a decentralized, peer-to-peer collaborative governance model for nature protection and land management.

But first, we need to acquire one crown jewel.

So come, join us around the $CAMPfire to help co-create the future of citizen stewardship. Become a $CAMPer today:

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